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WilsonHCG is a global recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and human capital consulting provider that operates on the principle of providing true partnership to its clients. Creating scalable and customisable human capital solutions, the company is revolutionising the recruitment process and bringing innovation to the industry. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, with offices in London, New York City and Toronto, WilsonHCG is recognised as a top RPO provider and leader in the marketplace.

  • 2X
    more qualified candidates
    Applicants who used Glassdoor were twice as qualified vs. traditional job boards
  • 50%
    of applicants used Glassdoor
    Over 50% of applicants reported using Glassdoor at some point in their job search
  • 2X
    greater influence over decisions
    Increase in awareness and influence over candidates' decisions

When candidates come in the door, they already know about our organisation’s culture and values. We hire people who are more concerned with being a part of a company that is growing and providing a career opportunity than those just interested in landing their next ‘job’ or getting their next paycheck. Glassdoor gives them a transparent look at what we’re doing at WilsonHCG, which is to build around our people. John Wilson CEO


  • Attract qualified candidates in a competitive market
  • Expand employer brand visibility
  • Increase transparency for job seekers researching WilsonHCG


Job Ads:
  • Increase visibility to qualified candidates
  • Increase traffic to its Enhanced Profile
Enhanced Profile:
  • Showcase employer brand, open positions, and social media channels
  • Measure success using analytics tools
  • Use as a selling tool to show clients the positive impact of employer branding

Helping Job Seekers to:

  • Gain insight into WilsonHCG's company culture
  • Search for jobs at WilsonHCG across any device
  • Make informed decisions when applying for positions
  • Engage in conversations on social media

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