Getting Started

Quick and easy steps to improve your recruiting efforts.

Getting Started: 5 Simple Steps for Employers

Boost your employer brand, attract job seekers, and increase employee engagement with these quick steps:

  1. 1

    Claim Your Free Employer Account

  2. 2

    Update Your Company Profile

  3. 3

    Respond to Reviews

  4. 4

    Promote Your Profile

  5. 5

    Post Your Open Jobs

Here are some free resources to get started: eBooks & Guides, Webinars, Demos, Glassdoor for Employers Blog, and Employer Brand Solutions.


Claim Your Free Employer Account

Your Free Employer Account allows you to claim your Glassdoor company profile, update basic information about your company (including photos), and respond to reviews. Get your Free Employer Account now.


Update Your Company Profile

Keep your company profile current on Glassdoor with photos, status updates, and benefits to showcase your employer brand.


Respond to Reviews

Here are some tips for effectively responding to company reviews:

  • Respond Promptly

    Set up company alerts to email you when new reviews are posted.

  • Welcome all feedback

    Acknowledge all comments - positive or negative - in a non-defensive and considerate way.

  • Address specific comments

    Be thorough in your responses to show that your company takes employee feedback seriously.

  • Amplify the positive

    Add Glassdoor reviews to your career page to further enhance your employer brand.

  • Request More Reviews

    Actively solicit reviews to engage your employees and gain valuable insight into your company.

Important note: We moderate all reviews and employer responses to ensure that they meet our Community and Employer guidelines. We remove reviews if we have evidence that employees were compensated in exchange.


Promote Your Profile

Include a Glassdoor badge or link on your website so jobs seekers can easily check out your company profile on Glassdoor. And show the world that you are a Glassdoor-certified OpenCompany to stand out from the competition.


Post Your Open Jobs

Tens of millions of job seekers visit Glassdoor every month. Use the power of your employer brand to promote your open job company and attract top talent. Post your jobs now or Contact Sales to learn more about our custom job packages.

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