44% Increase in Candidate Awareness Using Glassdoor Display Ads

YP's Technology centre is located in the Greater Los Angeles area with more than 500 employees focused in Technology and Product. YP’s tech group utilises cutting-edge technology (Ruby, Hadoop, Java) in an open source environment


Increase in Candidate Awareness


Impressions in Under 3 Months


Increase in Inbound Applicants for Hard-to-Fill Roles


  • Build awareness YP’s tech vertical
  • Find qualified candidates for hard-to-fill roles.
  • Drive traffic to their enhanced profile


  • Display Advertising: Drive brand awareness of YP’s Tech vertical
  • Job Ads: Target quality candidates for hard-to-fill positions
  • Enhanced Profile: Feature photos, benefits and insights into YP’s culture

"Glassdoor allows you to write about your brand and showcase your culture and then put it in front of talent that you want to capture. Glassdoor is an incredible toolset that you need to invest in!"

Melissa Hooven, Executive Director of Talent Acquisition at YP