Top 4 Company Profiles on Glassdoor

There’s no doubt about it: an authentic, well-defined employer brand is essential to recruiting and retaining quality talent in today’s fast-changing labour market.

That’s because a strong employer brand helps your company show candidates why they’d want to work for you and move them down the funnel. In fact, job seekers are 2x more likely to apply when a job listing includes employer branded content. (1)

So where do you start if you’re looking to power-up your employer brand in 2018? On Glassdoor, the answer is simple: make the most out of your employer profile with photos, company updates, awards, customised tabs and review responses.

Looking for inspiration? Here are the top four company profiles from 2017:

1. Co-op Group

What we love:

  • Great overview video giving profile visitors a history of the company
  • Strong values and diversity tabs in their “Why Work for Us” section
  • Easy-to-navigate breakdown of organisation’s different divisions

Did you know? 83% of Millennials say they are engaged at work when they believe the organisation fosters an inclusive culture. Only 60% said they were engaged when they believe their organisation does not foster an inclusive culture. (1)

coop group

2. Sky

What we love:

  • Their use of attention-grabbing visuals (the page really pops!)
  • Great choice of featured review (titled Sky has been a great employer for many years)
  • Strong mission statement: “Believing in better is how we approach everything we do.”

Did you know? 69% of executives rate diversity and inclusion as an important issue in 2017, up 32% compared to 2014. (2)


3. SAP

What we love:

  • Proud display of their 2018 Best Places to Work win
  • Transparency about the company’s steady growth
  • Strong benefits tab, highlighting they’re a top 100 location for remote work

Did you know? Out of a list of 54 benefits, the top three benefits that showed the highest correlation with employee satisfaction were health insurance, holiday/PTO and pension plans. (3)



4. Arm

What we love:

  • Another Best Places to Work 2018 winner!
  • Links to office locations so candidates can easily research where to apply
  • Robust Glassdoor awards section, highlighting past BPTW and Highest-Rated CEO wins

Did you know? The three factors most strongly correlated to CEO approval on Glassdoor are employee satisfaction, satisfaction with senior leadership, and satisfaction with career opportunities. (4)

Looking for more inspiration?

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