Principal Job Description

What is a Principal?

Principals are responsible for the entire administrative aspect of a school. The job role is to provide leadership and final authority within the institution on top of executing curriculum planning based on the industry. Other duties include overseeing the performance of teachers and staff members as well as making decisions regarding departments and funding. Depending on the internal organizational structure, principals may progress to an executive or directorial role.

A bachelor's degree s required preferably in education followed by a master's degree in education administration. A state school administrator license is also required. Extensive teaching experience followed by experience working as a principal is preferred. Successful candidates for this position often have a strong understanding of regulatory impacts on educational institutions alongside a passion for teaching and improving child development.

Principal Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Principal

  • Oversee the entire operations of the school
  • Maintain an updated school curriculum reflective of the adopted education system
  • Make decisions on departments and funding options
  • Explore ways to improve the efficiency of education and quality in the school
  • Make necessary decisions to hire and fire teachers and support staff
  • Ensure school policies and regulations are followed at all times
  • Maintain a supportive and healthy learning environment
  • Set a good example for children for positive development

Qualifications for Principal

  • Master's degree in education administration required
  • Prior teaching experience followed by experience as a principal preferred
  • State school administrator license required
  • Strong understanding of laws and regulations affecting educational institutions
  • Working knowledge of financial budgeting and facilities management
  • Pass state background check
  • Exceptional communication and presentation skills
  • Strong affinity for teaching children and helping them succeed
  • Passionate about the educational system

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