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9 Amazingly Flexible Companies Hiring Now

Posted by Joe Wiggins

Director of Corporate Communications, International

Last Updated 22 Apr 2019
|4 min read

Flexible, or agile, working is becoming more and more prevalent. Employers are embracing flexible working as it increasingly suits the modern workforce — indeed, all employees have a legal right to request flexible working. If you are looking for a job where your employer embraces flexible working as part of the culture of the firm, then check out our list of companies that are really flexible:


What Company Does: Telecommunications company.

Why It Is Flexible: Given that Vodafone's own technology is often used to help empower flexible and remote working, the company has embraced flexibility as part of its own culture. Employees praise both flexible scheduling and the ability to work from home as two great perks.

What Employees Say: "[Flexible working] is one of the best things in Vodafone, working hours are very good compared to other companies. Also, working from home is a common practice." —Current Project Manager

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What Company Does: Consumer goods company — includes brands such as Knorr, Hellmann’s and Dove.

Why It Is Flexible: Unilever embraces agile working, which "[provides] our colleagues with safe, adaptable working practices and technology, allowing them to perform their job anywhere, at any time, as long as the needs of the business are met." In addition, they offer flexible working arrangements like job-sharing and flexible or reduced hours.

What Employees Say: "One of the things I like the most about working at Unilever is it's flexible working and the possibility to work from home from time to time." —Current Employee

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Transport for London

What Company Does: Buses, tube, trams and London Overground trains, not to mention the London bike scheme (Santander Cycles).

Why It Is Flexible: TfL have been formally recognised for their great approaches to work-life balance and flexible working.

What Employees Say: "Flexible working, 9-5 hours, can work from multiple sites." —Former Employee

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Thomson Reuters

What Company Does: Mass media and business information company.

Why It Is Flexible: Frequently cited by employees for its flexible working hours and the ability to work from home on occasion.

What Employees Say: "Work life balance, learning opportunities, no hierarchy, flexible working hours, work from home." —Former Employee

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Rank Group

What Company Does: Gaming-focussed leisure and entertainment group.

Why It Is Flexible: Known for its flexible shift patterns.

What Employees Say: "[The] company also had great flexibility for their part-time workers, I was able to change my schedule regularly depending on my University and sport commitments." —Former Poker Room Dealer

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What Company Does: Mobile communications provider.

Why It Is Flexible: Part of Telefónica’s proposition, through O2, is technology that allows clients to enable their workforce to be mobile. It is a company that practices what it preaches.

What Employees Say: "The benefits can be tailored to your needs and the flexibility they offer is unparalleled." —Former Employee

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What Company Does: A social media management platform for enterprise.

Why It Is Flexible: Flexible work hours and unlimited holiday days, plus “summer Fridays and personal days.”

What Employees Say: “Flexible work opportunities - work from home and multiple different office locations." —Current Senior Manager

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Willis Towers Watson

What Company Does: A leading global advisory, broking and risk management company. 

Why It Is Flexible: Employees report options for flexible work hours, occasional work from home, sabbatical and more.

What Employees Say:Offer a wide range of benefits including flexiblity with additional leave and sabbatical. Very strong with professional development and career progression." —Current Employee

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What Company Does: Payment processing technology.

Why It Is Flexible: Employees cite the flexibility to work from home and flexible working hours among their favourite benefits.

What Employees Say: “Autonomy in doing your work — Flexible working hours and working from home option - Wide range of roles/opportunities." —Current Pricing Analyst

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