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9 Incredible Companies for Working Women

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Last Updated 4 May 2020
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Calling all women searching for a new job: There are companies that are especially good for female employees. These companies are actively working to close the gender pay gap, make sure women reach the C-Suite and have policies in place that make it easier for working mothers. Here are nine such companies, all of which are hiring now! 


Overall Rating: 3.8

Benefits for Women: Barclays is committed to work-life balance, and ensures employees find it through programs that allow them to work from home or even take career breaks, its website says. Plus, Barclays has a Women’s Initiative Network, which helps attract female hires, and celebrates a ‘Women of the Year’ award for its female employees, according to its site.

What Employees Say: “The management are very flexible and always look to accommodate where possible. The people are great.” —Current Employee

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Overall Rating: 3.8

Benefits for Women: According to Accenture, 47 percent of its new hires are women — and the company has a goal of reaching a gender-balanced workforce by 2025. It also provides flexible schedules, support groups and mentorship programs for women, too.

What Employees Say: “An innovative company that values individual contributors. Great benefits and perks, seldom matched elsewhere, e.g. 30-days annual leave, large company pension contribution.” —Current Employee

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Overall Rating: 3.8

Benefits for Women: Women who work at Vodafone earn 16 weeks fully paid maternity leave. They can also choose to take six months at a reduced 30-hours-per-week schedule — for their full pay.

What Employees Say: “Flexible, supportive company with great benefits. Relaxed atmosphere and working environment. I’ve worked here five years, [and] I love my job and have great opportunities to travel around the U.K. I would highly recommend Vodafone as an employer.” —Current Employee

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Thomson Reuters

Overall Rating: 3.8

Benefits for Women: Thomson Reuters offers a women's Business Resource Group and conducts internal check-ins each year to ensure that they're diverse and inclusive for everyone. They also run a report on the gender pay gap each year to ensure equitable pay.

What Employees Say: There are clear pay grades with assessments to prove you're ready to move up when you satisfy requirements. Plus lots of job opportunities within the business to develop your skills." —Former Digitisation Expert

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Overall Rating: 3.5

Benefits for Women: Focus on diversity and gender balance in management.

What Employees Say: Good perks - paid breaks, discount card, bonus etc. A nice corporate environment in which colleagues are able to voice concerns through multiple channels that lead to the board of directors. Great diversity measures including a focus on getting more women into management positions through newly implemented schemes.” —Current Employee

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Ocado Technology

Overall Rating: 4.2

Benefits for Women: Part-time options available for working Mothers

What Employees Say: I get to work with lots of really talented people, working on some really clever things. I joined the company following maternity leave and was able to agree a part time post - Ocado Tech couldn't have been more flexible or supportive, it's a great place to work if you have dependents, the benefits are pretty good, and I have a good work/life balance.” —Current Employee

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Overall Rating: 3.9

Benefits for Women: Unilever is closing the gender pay gap. According to a press release, female Unilever employees earn an hourly pay that is 2.5 percent more than their male coworkers. At Unilever, women also hold more than half of all the management positions.

What Employees Say: “Flexible working and good life balance. Diverse cultural teams. Many innovation projects meeting people around the world. Good annual bonus.” —Current Employee

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Marks & Spencer

Overall Rating: 3.6

Benefits for Women: Marks & Spencer gives its employees paid time off to attend IVF treatments and adoptive meetings — which makes it easier to work and begin a family.

What Employees Say: “Great management and hours, really friendly team and co-workers. Management really helped me when I was going through personal family problems, even when I was only part-time seasonal staff. Would definitely work for this company again.” —Former Employee

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Overall Rating: 3.7

Benefits for Women: ADP boasts a Women in Leadership network, which fosters ADP’s female executive development. It also has an International Women’s Inclusion Network, a global women’s business resource group.

What Employees Say: “Great environment, great pay and benefits, good sense of team and cohesion, and management are faultless.” —Former Employee

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