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7 Best Careers For Remote Working

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If like many others you’ve switched to working remotely and you’ve found that you really enjoy it, we can see why. No long commute to work and no more trying to find the right spot so you can be first to board the train or bus to get a seat. 

Working remotely, you’re free to choose your workspace. Maybe, working from home is your preferred choice or a coworking (once they’re open again!) is better suited to your needs. 

Whether you’re looking to switch careers or are looking for your next job that doesn’t involve traveling into an office, here are seven career options that can be done remotely:

  1. Web Designer
  2. Graphic Designer
  3. Accountant
  4. Executive Assistant
  5. Marketing Executive
  6. Customer Service Agent
  7. Recruiter

1. Web designer

A web designer is a multifaceted job. Not only will you be in charge of designing websites, blogs or forums that match your employer’s specifications, you may also be tasked with working with other departments in the business, like marketing, communications, sales…, to create landing pages that form part of the customer’s sales journey. 

Part of the role may also involve technical aspects such as coding, working with website plugins, monitoring of the website(s) stability and implementing security features and technical SEO – monitoring website loading speeds, reviewing the website’s structure etc. 

To work as a web designer you’ll need an interest in design, experience of different web platforms and coding. 

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2. Graphic designer

As a graphic designer, you’ll be responsible for creating visuals that will be used for marketing and branding. This may include presentations for internal staff and external stakeholders, visuals to be used on business cards, company literature and on websites, social media or emails. 

You’ll be tasked with following the company’s brand and style guidelines and making sure that anything created adheres to this 100%. 

To work as a graphic designer you’ll have to have a great eye for detail, be comfortable in expressing your ideas both verbally and written and be a problem-solver. You’ll also have to be experienced with design software such as Indesign or Photoshop and be aware of new design trends. 

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3. Accountant

If numbers are your thing, then you may be suited to a job as an accountant. As an accountant, you’ll be in charge of the management and preparation of accounts and possibly VAT payments for different types of businesses, including partnerships, sole traders and limited companies. 

To build a successful career as an accountant you’ll need a qualification from a recognised governing organisation such as CIMA – Chartered Institute of Management Accountants or ACCA – Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Or, have achieved an ACA qualification to become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant. 

The majority of accounting roles involve dealing directly with clients so you’ll have to have great communication skills and be able to present information in a clear and concise way.  

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4. Executive Assistant

If you like organising and are looking for variety in your job, then being an executive assistant may interest you. Your day-to-day tasks will centre around supporting a senior member of staff such as a partner, head of department or a director. 

You may be responsible for creating reports, typing up memos or meeting notes, organising the executives’ diary and travel arrangements, responding to emails or invites to events, and possibly overseeing junior members of staff. 

While having a relevant qualification isn’t necessary to be an executive assistant you’ll have to be extremely organised and have great time management skills to ensure that tasks are completed on time and are recorded properly. You’ll also have to be comfortable multi-tasking and be able to think of solutions to problems quickly. 

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5. Marketing Executive

Marketing executives can be responsible for varying marketing activities depending on the size and structure of the marketing department. If you work for a small employer, you could find yourself liaising with the press to gain coverage in magazines, managing social media campaigns, writing content for websites or email campaigns, shooting and editing videos for promotional campaigns and analysing data to measure the return of investment from campaigns. 

If you have an affinity with one area you could specialise in it. For example, you could focus on building your career in PR or social media marketing. 

While some employers will require candidates to have a related marketing degree or qualification from a recognised organisation like CIM – Chartered Institute of Marketing, experience in a similar role is also highly valued. 

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6. Customer Service Agent

If you have a passion for helping people and a background in customer service or complaint handling you may be suited to a job as a remote customer service agent. 

Your responsibilities may include making outbound calls to customers, receiving inbound calls from customers with queries, responding to live chats, offering solutions to complaints and logging calls onto a database for other departments to follow up on. 

As the job involves representing your employer in the best way possible you’ll need to be able to stay calm under pressure, have a good telephone manner, know how to communicate with people both verbally and written and have an aptitude for problem solving. 

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7. Recruiter 

As a recruitment consultant, you’ll get to experience great satisfaction from helping people find a job that matches their skills and experience and that meets their career aspirations. 

Working as a remote recruiter, part of your day to day tasks will involve writing job advertisements for clients that clearly detail what the job involves, the skills the employer is looking for in people and what the pay and benefits are. You’ll have to have a level of computer literacy as you’ll be working with IT packages like Microsoft and recruitment databases. 

You’ll be speaking with people looking for a job and also employers who are looking to hire, so you’ll need to be a confident communicator, have great written skills, be motivated and driven and be able to manage different tasks simultaneously. 

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