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Equal Pay Day – Negotiating Your Salary

British pound gender pay gap

14th November marks Equal Pay Day in the UK. The day of the year that women effectively work for free, given the gender pay gap in the UK. The Gender Pay Gap still looms large in the UK, with an unadjusted pay gap of 17.9 percent between men and women in the UK – according to a Glassdoor Economic Research report. That means that for every £1 that males in the UK earn, women earn just 82p.

To help close this gap, females must have the confidence to initiate a conversation with current or prospective employers about their salary.

Preparation is any woman’s best ally when approaching a conversation about a salary increase. You must carefully think through the reasons why you deserve a pay rise and how it relates to your worth in the wider market. Then follow these five steps:

Ask at a strategic time: Don’t wait until your annual performance review if you believe you deserve a raise sooner. Think about your company’s budget planning and if you can start a conversation around this time. Or, if you don’t want to wait until then, think about having the conversation once you’ve successfully completed an important project or demonstrated consistently excellent work.

Be confident: Believe in your worth. Projecting a sense of positivity and self-assurance will make your employer sit up and listen. Be structured and concise in your request, backing it up with reasons why you deserve a pay rise.

Express gratitude: Gratitude and appreciation for what the company already offers to you – both financially and professionally – is a gracious and professional preface to a request for more money.

Express enthusiasm: Share your enthusiasm for your future at the company, ensuring your employer knows you’re committed to the company’s goals and mission.

Be specific: Have a desired salary in mind and specifically outline how you came to this number. Research salaries for specific roles on Glassdoor and bring this number to the table.

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