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Should You Stay or Leave Your Current Job if You Are Worried About Redundancies?

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If you’re worried about redundancies after Brexit, you’re not alone. But this begs the question: should you stay at your job in the face of a possible redundancy, or search for a new position?

Navigate this dilemma by answering the following questions.

Will You Be Offered Another Role?

You may not be out of a job if your position is being made redundant. The company is required to offer you suitable alternative employment when another role is unoccupied in your organisation or an affiliate company, which means you could stay with the same organisation. If you like the company, this may be worth waiting for.

What you need to know is that whether a new job qualifies as “suitable” will hinge on a few key factors, explains GOV.UK. These include:

  • How similar the work is to your current position
  • The job offer terms
  • Your skills, abilities and circumstances in relation to the job
  • The pay, benefits, hours and location

Note that if you’re you’re provided this option and don’t accept, you could forfeit redundancy compensation. If you can wait, and want to continue with the same organisation, this may be a reason to stay.

What Are the Notice Period Details?

In the event of a redundancy, the duration of your job will not just be terminated abruptly without time to prepare for whatever comes next. You should receive a notice period during which you’re paid until the end-date arrives. In some instances, the company does not expect you to work through this notice period, but you’re still entitled to compensation.

Deciding whether to find a new job may depend on this time frame, which is dictated by the amount of time you spent at the organisation. If you leave before this period is finished, without an employer’s consent, you could lose redundancy compensation, according to the Citizens Advice Bureau. In this case, it may be wise to wait until the period is over, ensuring you receive the full compensation before moving onto something new.

What Does Your Supervisor Say?

With your future at the organisation in a state of flux or instability, expressing these concerns to a supervisor can feel too risky. However, an honest conversation about the outlook of your role with a person who has insider knowledge and a reliable perspective can infuse clarity into an otherwise ambiguous situation.

Your hunch about a redundancy might be confirmed, but there’s also a chance that your job is still relevant. You may also use this time to actively seek another role within the company, rather than waiting for one to be offered. In either case, you will know whether or not it’s time to move on.

Can You Stay Motivated?

If you suspect your role is about to become redundant, you may struggle to find the endurance, motivation and commitment to produce your best work. If you’re tempted to coast on projects and deliver the bare minimum, you may want to leave. An employer might construe this inertia as idleness which could accelerate the process of redundancy.

If you can, “be solution-minded not problem-focused,” advises TCHC, an employee development firm in the UK. “If a problem is within your scope of responsibility, then you should not leave [it] unsolved.” This establishes you as a marketable asset, so other businesses will take note and want to hire you if a redundancy occurs.

Should You Leave or Stay?

The prospect of redundancy is stressful and unnerving, so when faced with this likelihood in your own workplace, it might feel safer to leave without getting the details. While this is an understandable inclination, don’t make a decision based on impulse or emotion. Consider all the factors so you’re ready to make the best decision for your career.

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