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9 Companies That Offer Corporate Volunteering Days

Posted by Joe Wiggins

Director of Corporate Communications, International

Last Updated 4 May 2019
|4 min read

A study by Oxfam found that employers are more likely to hire an applicant with volunteering experience, because those job seekers are seen to be good team players and more self-motivated than other applicants. However, if you work full-time, you don’t necessarily need to use your own personal time to volunteer, because plenty of employers offer corporate volunteering days to staff. These companies see charity work and volunteering as an integral part of their CSR strategy and they understand that it is a very important stance to take, as well as being the right thing to do.

Here we take a look at some of the companies that provide corporate volunteering days, and what jobs are currently available if you want to work for them.

1. Nationwide Building Society

Who They Are: The UK’s largest Building Society, based in Swindon, is a major savings and mortgage provider.

What Employees Say:The culture is great and PRIDE is at the core of everything. You get to volunteer for two days every year and we help a lot of charities.” —Current Employee

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2. Experian

Who They Are: One of the top credit bureaus, with credit information on 600 million consumers and 60 million businesses worldwide. Also provides marketing information to help businesses generate leads.

What Employees Say:Great people, great benefits, lovely offices, very relaxed working environment. Very positive working environment with a good team culture. Senior management are lovely. Great respect for work/life balance and flexible working. 3 paid days each year to volunteer for a charity.” Former Employee

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3. Euromonitor

Who They Are: The world leader in strategic business research and analysis, with consumer and industrial market reports, various surveys and books.

What Employees Say: Socials once a month to raise money for charity. 2 days paid volunteering leave; Mentoring programmes; Outdoor volunteering.” —Current Employee

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4. Accenture

Who They Are: One of the largest and most respected consulting firms.

What Employees Say: “Work-life balance – few consulting firms will offer 30 days paid holiday along with 3 corporate volunteering days, on top of that there are several opportunities within the year to meet and have a drink on the project, the department or internal networks.” —Current Employee

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5. Ricoh UK

Who They Are: The UK arm of Japanese office equipment manufacturer, Ricoh, selling copiers, printers, digital cameras and office supplies.

What Employees Say: Serious about charity and volunteering (you get 2 paid days leave a year to work on projects) and involved in events such as BBC Children in Need operating as a call centre on the fundraising night.” —Current Employee

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6. Salesforce

Who They Are: An enterprise software company and the world’s #1 CRM.

What Employees Say: Endless, amazing volunteering opportunities to give back to the community - 56 hours a year! Colleagues across the business listen and are interested in advising in terms of career development. Lots of opportunity to learn and develop knowledge through seminars, round tables and lunch & learns. Wellness is one of the key values at Salesforce and it definitely shows - our benefits are second to none!” —Current Employee

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7. Allianz

Who They Are: One of the world’s biggest insurance companies.

What Employees Say: First and foremost Allianz cares about its people; there are incomparable training and development opportunities for staff and in 7 years I have never once been denied a training request. Wellbeing is a key topic and Allianz allows employees 10 hours paid leave per year to undertake a volunteering activity of their choice. The benefits are excellent; from discounted insurance policies to discounted gym membership, a dry cleaning service on site and numerous other facilities. There is an active Sports and Social club and a robust Reward and Recognition scheme.” —Current Employee

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8. OVO Energy

Who They Are: An energy supplier, with its own charitable foundation focussing on youth poverty, education and energy access.

What Employees Say: “Massive focus on personal development and progression. Value driven ethos. Great social activities. Fun people all working together. Large charitable side which helps local communities and encourages employees to volunteer.” —Current Employee  

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9. Sage

Who They Are: Accounting, payroll and payments systems for small and medium-sized businesses.

What Employees Say: “You can be yourself here - diversity and inclusion matters. There's a heartfelt belief that good business is more than making money -its' about helping those who need help - Sage Foundation does great work with charities all over the world and you get 5 paid days to volunteer for the those that matter to you.” —Current Employee

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