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Turn The Table On Recruiters & Take Control Of Your Job Hunt!

Posted by Glassdoor Team

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Last Updated May 14, 2020

The hardest thing about being a job seeker is the waiting. You take all this time to polish your CV and submit your application and then you wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Even when you go and find the person on LinkedIn and send them a personalised invite to connect, you’re still left waiting and unsure of the next step.

If they accept how do you stay in touch? Do you message them multiple times? How do you stand out for all the right reasons?

In the past LinkedIn was great, you could connect to lots of recruiters and share updates or comment on theirs and you’d be able to become known, liked and trusted. But now, with the News Feed resetting to Top each time you hit Home, being seen is near impossible and networking difficult.

Turn the tables!

It is time to do what savvy social recruiters are doing and use Chrome Extensions like Prophet to find and engage with people on other more sociable platforms.

In the image below you’ll see my LinkedIn profile and on the right, all of the social networks that I use handily compiled into one place.


Take control on Twitter

In future posts, I’ll look at what you can do on sites like Facebook and Instagram but for now let’s look at Twitter.

Before you begin engaging on Twitter you will want to ensure that:

  • You look like someone worth talking to. So use the profile picture you used on LinkedIn, one where you look professional and approachable, add a banner shot that gives some insight into your personality and interests, and most definitely complete your 160-character bio.
  • You understand your current industry or the one you’re aiming for by the quality of content you share. Great articles can be found pooled together on sites like Feedly and you can use scheduling tools like Buffer to space out your tweets.

Now you’re looking fabulous, here are three ideas for becoming known, liked and trusted by recruiters.

  1. Be contactable

Recent Twitter changes mean that you can change your settings to receive a direct message from any other Twitter user.

If you want to be contactable: using Twitter for desktop, head top right and click on your photo, choose Settings, then under Security & privacy you will find the option to turn on Receive direct messages from anyone.

Even though Twitter is increasing the DM character limit to 1500 and you may have the option to message a recruiter immediately, take the time to become known a little first.

  1. Stay organised with lists

This is something I regret not doing earlier as Twitter lists are the easiest way to stay on top of all those updates.

There are two types of lists. If you add another user to a private list, they won’t be notified. However, public lists are a great opportunity to reengage a recruiter, as they will be sent a notification that they have been added to your list – so choose the name wisely!

Pro Tip: Don't automate the list building, many of the tools send repeatedly notifications, which will annoy. Instead find lists of recruiters via Electoral.

  1. Engage & reengage

One of the great things about Twitter is that the tweets of the people you are following and/or are on your lists are delivered in order, easy to follow and engage with.

You’d never walk into a pub and yell, “Give me a job!” So think of Twitter as being at a pub, where you would find someone to talk to and start a conversation over something like an interest or the weather.

It’s easy to engage, you can simply reply to a tweet or retweet a tweet to your own network of followers, adding your own comments with it.

Pro Tip: Though the favourite button is great for ending a conversation or the occasional appreciation of a post, simply favouriting a number of a user’s Tweets is not recommended.

If you want to take control of your job search or perhaps network to a new opportunity or career, it’s time to give Twitter a try.

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