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Teaching maths at the primary and secondary school level is an involved position that requires patience and a commitment to helping each student achieve success at an appropriate level. Students often need extra attention in this subject, so employers are looking for instructors who not only have a firm grasp of their subject, but can also impart that knowledge in engaging and effective ways. Expect to answer questions about your teaching experience and style as well as how you would handle a variety of classroom scenarios. Although teaching credentials are required at state schools, this is not necessarily always the case at private schools.

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Top Maths Teacher Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top maths teacher interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: What do you enjoy about teaching maths?

How to answer: An interviewer wants to know that the person they hire enjoys the role of teaching maths to students. Talk about the fulfilment you gain from educating students and helping them learn skills that can benefit them throughout their lives. Consider some of the most rewarding moments you have experienced when teaching and use those to highlight your commitment to this role.

Question No. 2: What is the biggest challenge you face as a maths teacher?

How to answer: Maths can be a challenging subject to teach, especially to students who struggle with maths or consider it to be too difficult to learn. As you answer this question, it is helpful to describe how you teach in a way that engages all the students in the class and any of the tools you use to avoid becoming discouraged by students who struggle.

Question No. 3: Why do you want to teach at this school?

How to answer: Maths teachers are in demand at schools of all levels and across the globe, so it is important to discuss why you want to teach at this location specifically. You can use this question to reference any research you have performed about the school and its reputation, curriculum, staff and student needs. Demonstrate the teaching skills you have that make you a good fit for the school.

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Math and Science Teacher was asked...17 July 2017

Where should a teacher be in the classroom during class time? (ie. should the teacher stay up at the board, back at their desk or walk about the room)

3 Answers

The teacher should instruct from the front of the room, and then, when finished, walk about the room, offering advice and assistance to the students Less

In different zones, mostly in the power zone, i.e among the students focusing on what and how they are working. Less

Teacher should be back at their desk or walk about the room)

Farr Academy

What would you do if a student started swearing at you during class?

2 Answers

remind the student that they are using street language not school language and they know the difference Less

Usually for a student to escalate at that point there has to be some kind of frustration caused by either content or other outside factors. I am not there to get personally offended by the swears, I know they are let out to express the frustration and anger. I would really really try to assess that situation and leave any of my feelings out. I see that you are very angry and upset at this time, and I wouldn't want to add to more to those feelings. Could we please step outside the classroom to have a quick talk? If the students agrees to come in the hallway by the classroom door, I'd ask: "I know you are mad right now. And I really want to help you if I can. What is going on? What are you feeling? Or I apologize if I did anything or contributed to this situation. How can we work through this? What can I do to help you though this? Your input is really important in my classroom. I really need you in class. Can we make it work? Less

Ascend Public Charter Schools

What do you think went well with your demo lesson?

2 Answers

I think the structure of the lesson itself went well; (Do Now, Intro to Lesson, Independent Student Work and then Group Work). It was well planned out. Less

I had a very similar experience. The recruiter was lovely and we interviewed two e on the phone. The 3.5 hr. in person was a different story. It felt like they were just trying to tear me down. They were like hardened icicles in their approach to the interview. It was very militant. No warmth at all. Less

C2 Education

When is cos x the same as cos (-x)?

2 Answers

Always. cos(x) is an even function so cos(x)=cos(-x).

At angle value = 0

Garden City Public Schools

What type of classroom management structure would you implement if you were hired?

1 Answers

I would use some effective reactive strategies including pre-planning alternate activities for students who finish early and become bored, having a redirecting strategy to use with students to switch a bad behavior into a good one, and responding quickly to an upset child or mediating issues between two or more children so that any undesirable behaviors do not escalate. Less

Garden City Public Schools

What Inspired You to Become a Teacher?

1 Answers

I discovered that my love of children draws me to teaching and my own love of learning makes me passionate about teaching. I am eager to make a difference — people tend to remember their teachers for an entire lifetime, long after school is over. I was also inspired by a teacher earlier in my education who had a positive impact on me. A teacher may be seen as a leader, a mentor, or even a parental figure. Less

St. Theresa School

The school has fairly high academic achieves but we have some students who are tested at very low levels. -how can you teach these different levels in one class and reach your goals?

1 Answers

Set up several stations use differentiated instruction techniques to the lost student but also step up the lessons so as to provide a f Rich learning environment Kea for the remaining Ett Less

How I would deal with students who have a very low level of English literacy.

1 Answers

I said I would use other students to explain the problem to them

What is your teaching philosophy.

1 Answers

No philosophy.

The value to teach in the Chinese Private School

1 Answers

To share the knowledge I learned to the others

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