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International Paper
Packer was asked...17 June 2014

Name a time you had to ignore a safety rule to get a job done faster.

3 Answers

I never ignore safety rules

Regardless that it was a trick question this question should never be asked in an interview. There are workplaces out there that the supervisor will threaten your job if you follow the safety rules. This includes at IP. Less

Its a trick question..

ACE Bakery
Packer was asked...20 April 2018

Why ACE bakery?

3 Answers

I think this good for my feature

I am ready to work any job in your company

sir l am answers seretariat CT. mississauga Canada

Curtze Food Service
Packer was asked...1 August 2016

Who I knew.

2 Answers


This person beat a child 24 month old girl almost to death and should not be working there. Less

Blackwell Dairy Farm

for helping other people for better life

2 Answers

feel con fidence strong heart,need job i need help my family.

Need helping my family

People Store

are you fast paced can you regulate 45 to 60 picks per hour

2 Answers

I can get my quota

yes sure i can....

Tyson Foods

Are you aware that there will be overtime sometimes?

2 Answers


Candace Yingling

Packer was asked...17 September 2015

Can you work 10 hour shifts on your feet for the entire day with 30 minute lunch and 2 breaks and still be able to keep up with the fast passed job qualifications for this position

2 Answers

yes not a problem for me



Why do you want to work

2 Answers

Because I have bills to pay

Because I want to improve my abilities and experience

Packer was asked...8 August 2016

What motivates you? Why do you want to work for this company

2 Answers

I would make eggnog!

I have goals I need extra cash I saw that you were hiring so I applied?


Am i eligible to work in the u.s.

2 Answers



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