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Print the strings in dictionary match with Regex matching word in dictionary a*b, ab*, abc -> ["abc", "abb" abdd" ] * can have values - single char, -, . but not empty

2 Answers

Regexp or string match way. Regex implementation was wanted

This is really difficult, two lc hard problems

Translate number to english string - 21 - twenty one

1 Answer

Tell me about the last project you worked on

1 Answer

Emphasis on working autonomously and technical ability

1 Answer

Explain Redux in your own words.

1 Answer

N/a (the response took so long I've forgotten the questions).

What If You Could Be Someone, Who Would You Choose And Why?

Kirk solves the unsolvable by changing the rules, this is your chance to show us how you would solve your own Kobayashi Maru. Your task if you choose to accept it, is to write your own test and create a challenge for us to solve! Ideally it would be written as a bug, but the complexity and requirements are up to you. So 'show us what you got'!

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