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  • "Working with MAQ Software, a Microsoft Gold Partner, we developed MaSH on Dynamics 365—using the Customer Services module—to be even more, well, dynamic and much broader in capability than either previous platform."

    How to build a marketing services platform: learnings from our Microsoft journey - Microsoft Industry Blogs

    The exciting frontier of modern marketing calls for fast-paced execution, innovation, and return on investment, while still maintaining privacy, accessibility, and legal compliance. To deliver on that broad promise, most successful CMOs choose to invest in technology platforms to support marketing operations and automation.

  • Our Power BI visualizations allow decision-makers to drive successful outcomes. If you are unfamiliar with Power BI, this cheat sheet will bring you up to speed.

    Microsoft Power BI: A cheat sheet

    This cheat sheet explains everything you need to know about Power BI, Microsoft's data visualization toolset. The big data revolution continues in earnest and enterprises continue to generate more and more data about every business interaction they can track.

  • Improve Power BI speed and functionality with 15 DAX best practices.

    Improve Power BI Performance by Optimizing DAX - MAQ Software - Medium

    Power BI performance issues are often a result of sub-optimal Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) language. DAX is a collection of functions, operators, and constants that you can use in a formula, or expression, to calculate and return one or more values.

  • "Any presenter could quickly create believable, region-specific speeches — a keynote might be pre-recorded and shown simultaneously in 30 languages."

    Microsoft wows Inspire crowd with language-translating HoloLens hologram

    Microsoft's on-stage HoloLens demonstrations haven't always been impressive, but a new one at the company's Inspire event (via The Verge) is nothing short of amazing. Using a combination of body and voice capture technologies, Azure AI, and HoloLens, Microsoft created a nearly photorealistic hologram of executive Julia White, then had the hologram deliver part of White's keynote in Japanese - a language the real person can't speak.

  • Improved reporting time, better data quality, and reduced support tickets with a new data validation framework.

    Case Study: Data Validation Framework Reduces Support Tickets

    We implemented data validation mechanisms at each stage of the architecture. The architecture's stages included the staging, mart, cube comparison, and so on. Validating the data at each stage ensured developers could track anomalies. To track anomalies, we enabled earlier corrective action. We anticipated that earlier corrective action would lead to reduced support tickets.

  • Master Data Management improves data management, creating better customer relationships.

    Case Study: Master Data Management (MDM) Improves Customer Relationships using Machine Learning

    Merge customer identities siloed in various databases. Create "golden records" allowing division-level databases to identify specific customers. Allow administrator access to override data conflicts. In changing business environments, systems and databases evolve to meet increased demands. Business growth leads to increased database complexity and requires infrastructure improvements.

  • Using Azure Databricks and AI to categorize and prioritize user support requests.

    Case Study: Azure Databricks Drives Support Ticket Prioritization

    Respond to 30 support tickets daily. Prioritize urgent tickets from key stakeholders automatically. Automatically forward support tickets to the correct team member. User support is a key DataOps function. Large data systems generate hundreds of support requests per month. Teams typically respond to support requests in the order received.

  • Audience emotions are analyzed in real time using Microsoft facial recognition APIs.

    Case Study: Real-Time Emotion Analysis Using AI

    Analyze video footage to identify faces in a crowd. Detect emotions by analyzing facial expressions. Translate emotion data to a real-time graph to gauge overall attendee sentiment. One of our core values is adopting the latest technology. To deliver the best software for our clients, we grow our capabilities through initiatives.

  • Learn how DataOps deliver benefits to customers in our latest case study.

    Case Study: DataOps Practices Create Incremental Business Value

    A primary responsibility of DataOps teams is ensuring report uptime. Reports drive critical business decisions, so uptime is crucial. To improve uptime, we created a monitoring framework. The framework simplifies maintenance, monitoring, and report validation at all stages of development. The framework also tracks basic functions (such as page rendering) by capturing snapshots and delivering verification emails.

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