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1 in 5 UK Employees Fear Losing Their Job; Glassdoor UK Employment Confidence Survey (Q1 2014)

186130825Twenty one percent of UK employees are concerned about being made redundant, while 35% are concerned about their colleagues being affected by redundancies. These are the findings of the inaugural Glassdoor UK Employment Confidence Survey (Q1 2014), suggesting that some UK employees may be unsettled in their current employment situation.

Glassdoor has published its quarterly survey on employee confidence in the U.S. since 2008, and now in 2014, we are extending this research relevant and specific for the UK, as part of Glassdoor’s international  expansion. This survey’s UK debut, tracking employee sentiment at the end of Q1 and heading into Q2 2014, monitors four key indicators of employee confidence: salary expectations, job market optimism/re-hire probability, job security and business outlook optimism. This survey is conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of Glassdoor among more than 2,000 employees within Great Britain.

Salary Expectations

Despite the concern over redundancies, one in three (34%) employees expect to receive a pay rise in the next 12 months. Interestingly, of UK employees who said their employer had made negative changes during the past six months, 29% said that their pay or bonus had been reduced or bonus not paid at all.

Pay rise confidence is higher among men (42%) than women (24%), and significantly more so in the East (43%) and South East (40%) of England, while employees in London are much less confident (24%).

Glassdoor UK ECS Q1 14 Salary Expectations

Job Market Optimism

Three in ten (30%) employees (including those self-employed) report optimism that they could find a job matched to their experience and current compensation levels in the next six months if they were to lose their current job.

Full-time employees (32%) are more confident than part-time employees (23%) when it comes to finding a new job within six months. Those self-employed (35%) are most confident.

Glassdoor UK ECS Q1 14 ReHire Probability

Job Security

Twenty one percent of employees are concerned that they may be made redundant. In the North East and North West, one in four (25%) employees report concern of this. Younger employees (16-24 years old) are most concerned (27%) when compared to other age groups.

Employees concerned about co-workers being made redundant stands at more than one in three (35%). Employees in the North West (50%) are most concerned and those in the East of England (26%) are least concerned.

Glassdoor UK ECS Q1 14 Employee Redundancy

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Glassdoor is excited to publish the UK Employment Confidence Survey each quarter, helping job seekers, employees and employers monitor and track employee confidence in the UK and how it relates to business, jobs, companies, careers, hiring and more.  The next survey will be released in July 2014.