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8 Jobs That Will Help You Travel the World

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Last Updated 14 May 2020
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Do you have a serious case of wanderlust? Then you might be looking for a job that allows you to travel. Of course, there are many careers where some travel is available—but these eight jobs in particular will help you see the country and even the world. Here are eight positions for which you might want to apply—and the companies looking to hire for them.

  1. Flight Attendant

Job Description: If flying to new destinations every day sounds like your cup of tea, then working as a flight attendant might be for you. As a flight attendant, you’d ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during a flight—and get to enjoy the destination when you land.

Companies Hiring: The Emirates Group, Thomas Cook, easyJet, TUI Group, Ryanair, and more

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  1. Travel Agent

Job Description: Not only does a travel agent help clients plan and take dream vacations, he or she also works closely with travel brands—airlines, hotel chains, tour companies, and more—to build relationships. Many travel agents have to do “research” on these companies as well as destinations—which means you might have to travel often for this job. Darn!

Companies Hiring: Carlson Wagonlit Travel, BOEING, Travel Futures, Wallace Arnold Travel, and more

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  1. English as a Second Language Teacher

Job Description: While you can teach English online, this career path also offers lots of travel opportunities in countries—many in Asia, for example—where you can live for several months or even a year while teaching English in person to a variety of students.

Companies Hiring: Pearson, Remedy Education, Teaching Personnel, Zen Educate, and more

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  1. Cruise Ship Worker

Job Description: All aboard! Whether you work in a cruise ship restaurant, as a retailer, or a customer care representative, as a cruise ship worker, you go where the ship goes, which is often all over the world, from the Caribbean to throughout Europe and even in Alaska.

Companies Hiring: Bellarri, Kings Recruit, CVUK, Carnival, The Education Network Barnsley, and more

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  1. Pilot

Job Description: Like a flight attendant, pilots—whose job is to fly passengers to and from destinations, and make sure a plane lands safely—often get to enjoy new cities when they land and have long layovers, or a long weekend off.  

Companies Hiring: Thomas Cook, Flybe, Babcock, The British Army, Ryanair, easyJet, and more

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  1. Geologist

Job Description: A geologist studies earth processes such as earthquakes, landslides, floods, and volcanic eruptions, which means traveling to places where those things happen.

Companies Hiring: Geotechnical Engineering, Lloyds Register, Optima, AECOM, and more

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  1. Truck Driver

Job Description: If you would love to see the countryside, working as a truck driver could be just the job for you. By driving a truck—usually, an 18-wheeler—to deliver goods, you’ll have the added perk of taking in the scenery as you work your 40 hours or more a week.

Companies hiring: Andrew Rogers Newsagents, Gravity Personnel, Ixact Limited, Chariot Transit, and more

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  1. Tour Guide

Job Description: A tour guide informs people about history, culture, or contemporary heritage on an organized tour. So, if you want an excuse to tour museums, historical sites, venues, and more, in your country and beyond, becoming a tour guide could be for you.

Companies Hiring: Topdeck Travel Ltd., ToursByLocals.com, Essor, Continuum Group, Longleat, and more

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