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9 Surprising Jobs That Require No Experience

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Searching for an entry-level gig can be tough, especially if you’re looking for your first job ever or you’re changing careers completely. Luckily, there are more opportunities out there for people with no experience in a given field than you’d think. In fact, many of them have great opportunities to advance once you’ve been at it for a few years, too. Take a look at our top picks and get those applications ready—no matter how short your CV is.

1. Customer Service Representative

Average Salary: £ 19,141

Love talking to people? Being a Customer Service Representative may just be your perfect fit. You’ll likely be required to take a training course to learn company policy wherever you get hired, but aside from that, no other preparation is needed. Desirable qualities in an entry-level customer service rep include good communication skills, friendliness, and a positive, team-player attitude.

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2. Care Assistant 

Average Salary: £8/hr

If you have an interest in caring for others, becoming a Care Assistant could be a good option for you. For some people, helping the elderly and sick with their day-to-day tasks is incredibly fulfilling. Depending on where you live, it’s likely that you’ll need a valid driver’s license, and some jobs require a Care Certificate, which you will be trained for on the job. 

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3. Public Relations Assistant

Average Salary: £20,589

If you’ve dreamed of working in publicity, you’re in luck. Public relations firms often seek out fresh candidates so they can mould them to their exacting standards. You’ll need to be a strong writer, and above all, a people person. Many larger public relations firms offer rotational programs for the first one to two years, so you can explore different areas of the business and learn more about your strengths and weaknesses.

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4. Estate Agent

Average Salary: £18,304

There’s several ways you can become an Estate Agent, but often, experience is not needed. Many companies in this space hire trainees with no experience and teach you on the job. An entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude will serve you well in this profession, as most agents work on commission, meaning the more you sell, the more you make.

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5. Sales Account Representative

Average Salary: £20,667

If you’re the kind of person who can talk others into doing pretty much anything, sales is likely your forte. Whether you’re selling a product to other businesses or to individual consumers, being persuasive, engaging, and friendly will get you far in this role. There are a range of levels of experience desired for these positions, but many are clearly marked “entry-level,” and those are the ones you should focus on. Most gigs in this field prefer or require a Bachelor’s degree, but there are exceptions.

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6. Administrative Assistant

Average Salary: £20,015

An Administrative Assistant generally handles all kinds of paperwork, phone calls, email correspondence, and scheduling. Sometimes, people in these roles are also asked to sit in on meetings and take notes or help prepare deliverables for major projects the company is working on. These jobs are especially advantageous for those who aren’t sure what they want to do within a larger company since admin assistants tend to have day-to-day contact with multiple departments. After getting some experience learning how the business works from the bottom up, you may be able to transition into a more specialised role.

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7. Veterinary Care Assistant

Average Salary: £16,188

If you love animals and wouldn’t mind being around them all day, this job is a no-brainer. Though you will have to complete a certification, some animal hospitals and vet offices will allow you to learn on the job. You’ll need to be capable of lifting for a prolonged period of time (dogs can be heavy!), good with computers, and totally comfortable around a variety of animals. 

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8. Customer Care Specialist

Average Salary: £20,180

Although the two titles are sometimes used interchangeably, customer service reps usually work with individual consumers, and Customer Care Specialists often work with other businesses that their company provides services to. The preferred attributes for the two jobs are quite similar, but customer care may be a better opportunity for someone interested in working in a more corporate environment.

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9. Legal Secretary

Average Salary: £23,125

Are you the kind of person who loves to get down to the nitty-gritty? If you excel at writing, have a keen sense of grammar, and are hyper-organised, you may find your perfect fit in a Legal Secretary position. It’s true, there are some Legal Secretary jobs that require significant experience, but there are quite a few entry level positions to be found. As you get more senior, you can up your earning potential and even train to become a paralegal.

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