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Top 10 Fun Jobs That Pay Well in 2021

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Last Updated August 23, 2021

Work doesn’t always have to be a grind. Certain professions actually pay you to do things you find fun — whether it's shooting videos, baking or travelling. We’ve pulled together 10 jobs that allow you to exercise your creativity and spend time with people while still making good money. And the best part? These fun jobs have scores of job openings!

Here are the top 10 fun fobs:

  • Videographer
  • Travel Agent
  • Interior Designer
  • Pastry Chef
  • Software Engineer
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Event Planner
  • Flight Attendant
  • Freelance Writer


Salary range: £18,000-£32,000 per year

What does a videographer do?

Videographers can work alone or as part of a creative team. A videographer’s responsibilities include shooting raw video footage using cameras, providing creative direction behind video shoots and editing raw video footage into finished videos. Videographers can work on projects like music videos, TV adverts and promotional videos for brands or videos for weddings or other special occasions.  

How can I get a job as a videographer? 

Formal qualifications aren’t necessary to be a videographer. Most videographers start in junior positions like a runner, camera assistant or production assistant and develop their skills on the job. 

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Travel Agent 

Salary Range: £14,000-£32,000 per year

What does a travel agent do?

Travel agents help individuals and groups in finding and booking transportation, lodging and entertainment activities for travel. This may be for business or leisure travel. A travel agent can work for a company or be an independent agent. 

How can I get a job as a travel agent? 

To work as a travel agent, a formal qualification isn’t needed, though you can choose to study for a travel and tourism certificate. Employers look for people who have a good level of education, have excellent communication skills, have a friendly personality and a genuine interest in travel. 

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Interior Designer

Salary range: £20,000 - £44,000 per year

What does an interior designer do?

Interior designers create functional, safe and beautiful indoor spaces by choosing functional and decorative items. As an interior designer, you may be asked to create contemporary workspaces or living spaces. You may be employed by a firm or work independently with private clients. 

How can I get a job as an interior designer? 

To work as an interior designer, you’ll need a passion for art and design. A formal qualification like a Diploma in Art and Design or a degree in Interior Design or Interior Architecture will help you stand out to employers. 

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Pastry Chef 

Salary range: £25,000 - £38,000 per year

What does a pastry chef do?

Pastry chefs are highly trained chefs that make delicious breads, pastries and other baked goods for bakeries, cafes and restaurants. A pastry chef may be employed by a hotel, restaurant or cafe to make goods for their customers. Or, they may be employed by a company that supplies baked goods to other companies. 

How can I get a job as a pastry chef? 

A passion for baking is vital if you want to become a pastry chef. Employers may look for people who have qualified from college or a culinary school. You can also start your career through an apprenticeship or on-the-job training. 

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Software Engineer

Salary range: £35,000 - £90,000 per year

What does a software engineer do?

A software engineer uses computer science principles to create software solutions that meet the needs of a company. These solutions can include applications and systems for websites, operating systems, apps and games. 

How can I get a job as a software engineer? 

Employers will expect people who want to work as a software engineer to have a technical qualification such as a degree in Computer Science, Computer Software, Mathematics or Physics. You’ll have to have an interest in software applications and be a critical thinker. 

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Marketing Specialist

Salary range: £23,000 - £54,000 per year

What does a marketing specialist do?

A marketing specialist devises marketing strategies based on the goals of the business to generate interest in products, services or events. To support these strategies, marketing materials such as social media posts, advertisement copy or eBooks are planned, designed and distributed. 

How can I get a job as a marketing specialist? 

A marketing specialist has in-depth knowledge of how marketing fits within the business structure. Employers may favour people who have a related degree in Marketing, Marketing Communications or Business. 

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Graphic Designer

Salary range: £22,000 - £40,000 per year

What does a graphic designer do?

Graphic designers create visuals and graphics, using computer software or by hand, to convey information and ideas to audiences. This can involve creating visuals and graphics for web pages, reports, brochures, social media, newsletters and other marketing materials. 

How can I get a job as a graphic designer? 

To get a job as a graphic designer, you’ll need to be a skilled artist and have experience using computer software (like Illustrator, InDesign) for creating visuals. Most graphic designers have a qualification or degree in Graphic Design or Art. You’ll need good communication skills as you may work directly with clients. 

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Event Planner

Salary range: £20,000 - £43,000 per year

What does an event planner do?

Event planners coordinate all aspects of professional meetings and events like conferences, weddings and parties, from scoping prospective sites to executing party themes. As part of their responsibilities, an event planner will negotiate budgets, organise contracts and ensure the event is meeting all health and safety requirements. 

How can I get a job as an event planner? 

A formal qualification isn’t needed to work in event planning. If you choose to, you can study for a Diploma in Event Management or an HND in Leisure and Tourism. To work as an event planner, you’ll need to be extremely organised, manage fast-moving situations and be confident managing budgets.  

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Flight Attendant

Salary range: £12,000 - £30,000 per year

What does a flight attendant do?

Flight attendants attend to the needs of airline passengers and respond to emergencies on board the aircraft to ensure the safety of passengers. Specific duties a flight attendant may do include greeting passengers, showing passengers their seats, demonstrating safety measures, serving food and drinks on board the aircraft and making sure passengers disembark safely. 

How can I get a job as a flight attendant? 

A formal qualification isn’t required to be a flight attendant, though some people do have qualifications in a travel-related subject. Most airlines have their own training programmes for flight attendants. You’ll need to have good interpersonal skills and be assertive. 

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Freelance Writer

Salary range: £13,000 - £85,000 per year

What does a freelance writer do?

Freelance writers work for different clients to develop written content for various types of platforms like websites, advertising, video, newsletters, brochures, social media, training manuals and internal documents. 

How can I get a job as a freelance writer? 

You don’t need a qualification to be a freelance writer, though some people may have a degree or diploma in English. Having a creative mind will be helpful, as well as having a good grasp of spelling and grammar. 

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