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Glassdoor Highest Rated Companies For Work/life Balance (UK)

Today we announced the Highest Rated Companies for Work/life Balance based on feedback from UK employees. The top employer is Euromonitor International, followed by the Bank of England and then MediaMath. While these three organisations are very different in terms of size and industry, there are certain themes that tend to appear in reviews for all companies on the list.

Check out the full list:

best companies for work life balance

Firstly, flexible hours are common in many, if not all of these workplaces. For example, this Software Developer at says “…the company is flexible on working hours, which makes it far easier to manage things like personal appointments, or having workmen visit your house etc.” It’s clear that having a job that respects people to manage their own time appropriately while still working hard is very highly prized by employees.

Secondly, working from home is a key element of a good balance. Just take this Demand Generation Manager at Peer 1: “I work whenever I want, whatever I want from wherever I want. Of course I am at the office most of the time as it is good for our relationships to be all here, but I never have to ask for permission to work from home or from other location.”

Finally, reasonable working days and not having to stay late is another trend of companies with a good balance. This Standard & Poor’s employee says: “Working hours are almost always 9-5; 6 is considered late to leave. Flexible working hours are encouraged to meet employees’ needs.”

It’s interesting to note that there are eight tech companies on the list, four of which are based in California. Those four are, Hitachi Data Systems, Ticketmaster and Cornerstone OnDemand. However, it is not just West Coast tech companies that can take a modern view on work/life balance – take Hythe (Kent) based travel company Holiday Extras, for example. This Holiday Extras employee says: “The flexible working is fantastic, and home life always comes first. The office is laid-back but everyone works hard, just as it should be.”

Does this sound like where you work?! If you are a job seeker that values work/life balance, then the companies in this list should be top of mind to approach.

If you have strong feelings about the work/life balance at your company, or indeed any other aspect of the workplace, then why not leave a review?