Novartis Supports COVID-19 Fight With The Power of its People

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As part of our continued spotlight on companies that are standing out due to their innovative responses to the COVID-19 pandemic , we speak to the global pharmaceutical company, Novartis

Novartis’ purpose is to reimagine medicine to improve and extend people’s lives through the use of innovative science and technology. It discovers and develops breakthrough treatments and finds new ways to deliver them to as many people as possible. As such, Novartis has a pivotal role to play in the COVID-19 pandemic . Find out how it’s contributing to potential treatments right now, while supporting employees through COVID-19. 

A Company Culture Built on the Power of the People

Novartis’ aspiration is for its people to be inspired , curious and unbossed ; unleashing the power of its people in order to reimagine medicine.

“Our strong sense of purpose to improve and extend people’s lives inspires our people and drives our innovation. Our greatest asset is our people, and we want to create a culture that inspires them to do meaningful work, and in which they can be curious, take smart risks and see failure as an opportunity to learn. Tripti Jha, Global Head of People & Organization Solutions at Novartis Explains. 

“With an unbossed culture, we aim to develop servant leaders focused on clearing obstacles to their teams’ success. We believe the solution to any challenge resides within the team and the role of the “boss” is to create the environment and support for the team so they can function optimally.

Supporting The Fight Against COVID-19

In response to the global challenge of COVID-19 Novartis has made considerable donations in funding, potential treatments and clinical partnerships. 

In addition, it’s empowering its workforce to contribute to this fight. 

Novartis’ internal global recognition programs, Spark, empowers associates to recognize and reward behaviors that spark success. During these times, associates have the opportunity to donate their Spark points to support humanitarian aid in the fight against COVID-19. Secondly, Novartis’ corporate volunteering platform enables associates to virtually volunteer; contributing to communities while working from home by sharing knowledge and expertise, developing skills, fostering social bonding and continuing learning.

Prioritizing Safety & Wellbeing of Employees & Their Families

Making associates feel at ease and ensuring their safety and wellbeing at all times is of paramount importance to Novartis right now.

While remote working is in place wherever possible, given the nature of Novartis’ work, some associates need to be on site right now. For those that are, health and safety is highly prioritized and childcare support is provided.

Making significant investments to support associates’ families, Novartis is providing courses and resources to support learning, remote work, virtual collaboration and remote team leadership , as well as self-care and wellbeing for both associates and their families. In addition, Novartis is giving 12 days of additional paid leave for those that need to care for impacted family members.

Novartis is also proactively supporting associates’ mental health through access to online counseling services and self-care and mindfulness apps.

Tracking Employee Sentiment on Glassdoor

“Glassdoor is an important tool for us and we use it in several different ways,” explains Bethan Davies, Global Head of Talent Engagement at Novartis:

Sentiment tracking – Building a best in class employee experience is important to us here at Novartis. Reviewing the sentiment of our employees and former employees captured through Glassdoor helps us to shape the internal employee experience.

Candidate Experience – At Novartis, we aim to treat others as we expect to be treated and that starts at the application stage. While we still have work to do in this area, the feedback gained through Glassdoor helps us shape this experience.

Careers & Novartis Life – Glassdoor allows us to not only share the career opportunities available globally but what employee life is like here, from breakthroughs in the lab, innovation in tech, to unbossed learning, career progression and flexible working. Our associates are unbossed to share their experiences and Glassdoor is used to share them with Glassdoor users.

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