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University of Southern Indiana
Academic Advisor was asked...13 July 2016

How would you give negative news or feedback to a student?

2 Answers

That would depend on how negative the news I would be giving the student.

In our ways I would keep it real with the student.

Northern College of Applied Arts & Technology

About Culture Integration

1 Answers

With specific information

Mid-State Technical College

How might you react in a situation with an angry student?

1 Answers

I would explain in an empathetic manner that we will find a solution to what is frustrating them and I will stick with them until the situation is resolved. Allow them to vent but make sure they calm down to let me help them. In my experience people will hang up if this does not help them calm down. Less

University of Utah

Explain how you deal with intrusive parents? A project you've worked on before, etc.

1 Answers

Mentioned FERPA, giving general information to comply with FERPA yet be helpful.

Utah Valley University

Why are you the best candidate for this position?

1 Answers

I have been advising students for 3 years and this feels like my next natural step. This has not yielded a job so maybe practice this question and come with hard selling facts why you're the best. Less


What are interested in? What attracted you to the position?

1 Answers

My love of life long education and learning and my belief that all children are learner able and if given the proper tools each student can succeed academically. I am interested in becoming a school principal/leader as I foster a commitment and dedication to education, teaching and learning and believe that my background and experiences of over 34 years in education make me well qualified and suited for the role of school leader /Principal. Less

Heidelberg University

Speak to experiences serving in a similar capacity in another position.

1 Answers

Shared specific details regarding former interactions with students at a similar institution. Less

Embassy of the State of Kuwait

Tell me about your experience in higher education

1 Answers

Went through an abridged version of my resume

University of Calgary

How do you react in situations when there's a policy you have to adhere to that frustrates you?

1 Answers

Generally most policies are in place for good reasons, whether I know why or not, so I would generally not be overly frustrated by a policy as they often make logical sense. If it's a policy that impacts my ability to do my job functionally, then I would discuss this with my manager to try and work on a solution. Less

Georgia State University

What population of student would i prefer to work with as an advisor?

1 Answers

I have a background in all majors so I had no preference.

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