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Analytical Scientist Interview Questions


Analytical scientist interview questions shared by candidates

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Honestly, nothing I found difficult, except the on line IQ test.

1 Answer

Check which kind of test they'll ask you to do and practice it on line, using Google to find other places where they can offer some trial on line (I found them on University web sites and on the brand site of the test). I am not sure if they'll ask you to repeat it in front of them or not, but my feeling was that it was just a required formality; however if you practice it in advance, it won't matter, you can do it twice or trice.

HR manager has asked me: Do you own a house? Are you married? Do you have children and how many? etc. The was no reason for asking these questions. I felt disrespected when i heard them. My enthusiasm for GSK melted like snow is a sunny day. I didnt have anything to hide, but i felt undermined and devalued.

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Technical questions about method validation and method development. Tell me about a time when you introduce a new way of doing things.

Assign peaks in an 1H-NMR spectra to the protons in a small molecule pharmaceutical. This formed a large part of the technical interview.

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Do you think you'll get bored of this job? NMR spectral assignment tasks. What do you know about LC-MS?

What is wrong with these chromatograms?

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