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How would you adapt Art to an Emirate Culture

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How do you teach Art Education? How do you integrate Art with other subjects?

Tell us why you applied for this job

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How would you deliver in a culture that is different from yours?

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I would like to protect their process, but very typical and nothing unfair.

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The interview panel included 8 people, I assume they were from HR and different faculties. The questions started with; introduce your self in 2 min, some question about the experience...

1 Answer

Teaching demonstration, general questions, a bit of technical questions

Which course you want to teach. How many year, you have teaching experience? How you mange classes that high more than 50 students? Do you have any administrative experience to manage a department?

There was a brief Q&A after the presentation, though all but one questions was about teaching. The panel interview was more comprehensive, covering lots of areas: - Why do you want to work in Warwick? - How do you deal with a particular teaching situation? - What assessment tasks do you design for your teaching? - How do you teach a class with students from different academic backgrounds/levels of subject knowledge? - What is the most recent development in XYZ research area? - How can you help market the program and attract students? - What connections you have that would provide placement opportunities to students? -

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