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Who are you?

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Personal traits and qualities

Clearly some misunderstanding here. We used a professional recruiting company to run this post for us and whilst it is correct that this hire has been postponed, at no point was this decision influenced by anything other than commercial reasons. Delta Balustrades' core purpose is 'we get satisfaction by helping people succeed' and currently employ staff from at least 5 different nationalities.

And you are also a brethren company who are well known for their discriminatory values and opinions who also pay different rates to brethren/non-brethren staff performing the same role

What makes a great sales person?

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Python related: generators, dictionary comprehensions, questions regarding the collections module One of the brainteasers that I got: You have 10 fair coins, flip them each. Prove, that the probability of getting odd number of heads equals the probability of getting even number of heads.

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What 3 things would make me suitable for the role?

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Numerical Assesment: Bob has a glass of water that holds 5 fluid ounces, it is 3/4 full, he empties half of the glass, then empties a further 1/8th, before adding 100%. what is the weight of water remaining STAR interview: Give an example of a time you received critical feedback on your work.

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Tell me about a time you faced a challenge

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how would you cope with 100 client accounts.

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If I would be happy to travel in this role?

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How many investors do you know? How big is your network?

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What do you think is going to happen to Greece? How could it pull out of the European Union and what is the consequence for the Euro and the world economy?

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