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Fleet Manager was asked...10 January 2012

Would you be want to be a truck driver?

1 Answers

When I answered 'no' they seemed put off until I explained work-life balance.

Employee management questions

1 Answers

Truthfully. wasn't impressed by the interviewer.

Canadian Armed Forces

What my duties entailed. Many questions provided insight that very few civilian companies are aware of exactly how well military people are highly trained in a wide variety of trade-related skills. It seems as though civilian companies want a person that has functioned in only ONE area for a long period of time.

1 Answers

Provided rough description of vast scope of military duties in the transportation field, esp for a Senior NCO. Less


1 Answers

More than 20 years experience in Transport and Logistics

Mountain Valley Express

Very long application process, to long for the quick rejection response!! LOL

1 Answers

Wish I could e-mail them back.

Duquesne Light

Experience working in a union environment

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Having come directly from the military, I did not have experience with unions: however, I had experience with people in a number of different circumstances and explained it is often about listening and gaining the trust of the person you are working with. Less

U.S. Xpress

So tell me about your refrences?

1 Answers

make sure you know your refrences well enough to answer the questions..

U.S. Xpress

If you call off work

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Volkswagen Financial Services

What does integrity mean to you?

1 Answers

Doing the right thing


about team handling

1 Answers

as simple as it will come with our experience

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