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I had three questions asked of my ability as "a young girl" to manage older men

3 Answers

I said that I had dealt with organising people older than myself before and that I was respectful and listened to any concerns they had, as I would anyone, and then politely explain why I needed them to do what I had asked. And that I had always developed strong relationships with older men in the workplace so didn't see it as an issue. Honestly, I was shocked at the sexism of this question (especially the use of girl when I am a fully grown woman) so probably didn't answer as well as I could should they have worded it differently, I also know there was only me and one other candidate (male) up for this role so I think this is why I didn't get the position.

Maybe you did not get the job. Because you weren't the right person. Nothing to do with sex age etc...

It is possible but 3 questions on the same point which specifically singled out my gender and was actively sexist in the wording is wrong regardless...

"the food manufacturing industry can be challenging. Provide us with an example when you faced a challenge"

2 Answers

Do you have any customer service experience?

2 Answers

Describe a situation in which you failed and how did you react to it

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Is there anything that you think you couldn't do?

1 Answer

If I was the manager of a sales company how would I incentivise my team to hit their targets.

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No questions that pertained to my skillet were asked. My CV was admitted ignored as the interviewer found CVs 'generally unimpressive'.

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What 3 things are you looking for in a job?

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What did you notice all the people in the waiting room have in common?

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In what order would you put these things; Money, Career, Travel

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