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Multi drop driver Interview Questions


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Do i have experience with driving and customer service

3 Answers


have over 30 years experience

Yes . I have driving experience over 12 years and 23 years for customer service experience.

Would I be reliable which is a big thing, also had I checked what the company did beforehand so there were no surprises and would be wasting both their time and mine.

1 Answer

An example of good customer service?

1 Answer

Dumb interview behavior, made themselves look like idiots. Bad interviews lead to bad jobs.

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Previous experiences in customer services

1 Answer

What I could bring to the team

1 Answer

All about cv.

1 Answer

Why do you want to work for the company

1 Answer

Can you pass a drug & alcohol test?

1 Answer

They asked if I could see myself staying for a long time

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