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Questions covered both teaching and research. Types of questions included questions such as: 1) How do you ensure student engagement during teaching? 2) How do you draw upon research and integrate it with your teaching 3) What current research are you working on? etc.

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I answered the questions by trying to be as specific as possible. I also provided anecdotes and examples supporting my answers to most questions, as evident to support my capabilities claims.

What is the difference between an outer and inner join

Teaching demonstration, general questions, a bit of technical questions

This area you have been researching for 20 years in healthcare, no medical doctor would take that seriously would they?

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Can you explain one of your publications? Why did you choose to apply for this position?

What would you do if a student broke down half way through and exam and said: "this module is too difficult, i cannot deal with the stress, please get me out of here, why did i take this loan, etc"

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Tell us why you applied for this job

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