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how do you deal with working alone?

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I like to work alone and actually even drivers are not really alone because they have frequent contact with signallers, technical advisers when the train fails and various other staff as well as the public. Working alone physically allows me to concentrate fully without potential distraction. I find I am perfectly happy in my own company and do not need people around me to stop feeling "lonely". I like the feeling of being trusted to do my job without someone looking over my shoulder. Having said that, there are often assessments to be done with a competency manager but it is best to approach this as a learning experience and opportunity to hone your skills. Any suggestions made by an assessor are therefore welcome and I do not see them as criticism. After all the person doing the assessment knows much more than I do about the job since he/she will have done it for years themselves so I am keen to listen to what they have to say. Seeing the job as a vocation rather than just a means of earning money helps to see the role in a professional context and if I ever thought I knew it all, I would be in serious trouble.

what are the qualities needed in a train driver?

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Haw did I solve the dificult situation with the passangers e.g. when they complein delays

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