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How do you work within a team?

1 Answer

Make the effort to respect everyones ideas, be mindful of giving back constructive criticism , understand everyone comes from different working backgrounds sometimes you will have to make an allowance for the way in which they under take tasks etc

what would you do in the future to improve this role? (college, courses, etc)

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What experience do you have working towards targets?

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Why did you apply do you follow trends/ what you can say about current trends what do you think vm do how would you describe vm tasks how do you handle stock tell me about the time you were handling stressful situation at work, how did you handle this and what was the outcome tell me about the time when you had to improvise to make a vm display while not having required stock or planogram. how did you handle this and what was the outcome. how your team would describe you, how would you describe yourself where do you see yourself in 5 years, what is your ultimate job

How would you cope with competing priorities to ensure you are able to successfully complete your objective

What is it about Karen Millen that makes you want to come here?

- duties VM my point of view - why Next - my availability for working hours

Give an example of where you have had to negotiate with a difficult person?

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