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  • Olivia Roos' successful internship lead to a Walmart career:

    "While I was an intern at Walmart, I found a vast network of people who were willing to help me even when they didn't have to. They helped me because that's just who they are. The employees are not only intelligent but are the most collaborative and friendly people I've ever met. Walmart’s future is bright and I’m so excited to be part of it as an official employee beginning in January 2020.”

  • Walmart Names John Furner President & CEO of Walmart U.S.

    Walmart Names John Furner President & CEO of Walmart U.S.

    BENTONVILLE, Ark., Oct. 10, 2019 - Today, Walmart announced that John Furner will become the President and Chief Executive Officer of Walmart U.S., following a successful five years for the business segment under Greg Foran. Furner will report directly to Walmart President and CEO Doug McMillon,...

  • Christina Brewer-McGrath is a #WomenInTech whose passion for creating diverse teams led to success as IT Director for Sam's Club Supply Chain. We caught up with her at this week’s #NWATechSummit.

    "There's an idea out there that diversity doesn’t have to be called out as a need to know it’s important. But the way I think about it is similar to the way our company identifies our basic beliefs, like integrity and respect for the individual. We call these things out because we never want to lose sight of them." #TeamWalmart

  • Leading up to Shareholders Week 2018, we’ll be throwing it back to some of our favorite memories from past Shareholders events – starting with Kortney. In 2015, he launched online grocery pickup at his store in Aurora, Colorado which landed him a spot on stage to introduce our CEO Doug McMillon.

  • This group of associates from Boise, Idaho completed training that enhanced their confidence and their careers. Here’s how nearly 200 Academy locations across the U.S. are helping our team strive for more:

    What is a Walmart Academy? How They're Building Confidence and Careers

    We created a place for our associates that does just that. It's called Walmart Academy.We've put a lot of support behind our people, especially over the last two years, as we've committed to help...

  • The new is now rolling out to customers, and our friends at Fast Company have the story.

    Exclusive: Redesigns As The Anti-Amazon

    Amazon's unstoppable growth has set the entire world of retail back on its heels, but at least one company has the footprint to stand in its way. With $500 billion in annual sales and 4,700 locations across the world, Walmart is still more than three times the size of Amazon in yearly revenue-and it's not about to be left behind.

  • Walmart’s sustainability team works with suppliers to reduce our environmental footprint throughout the supply chain. Meet Mark, who builds strategies to ensure the products on our shelves do more good for the environment than harm.

    “I love that every day, I can go to work and know I’m driving toward something good. I work on complex things, like reducing deforestation, that have different solutions across the world. To know that I’m contributing even just a little bit is energizing, and I’m proud of Walmart every day for our progress.”

  • We’re adding hundreds of electric vehicle charging units, doubling our renewable energy efforts, and continuing down the path of reducing 1 gigaton of carbon emissions from our global supply chain.

    Read more about today’s sustainability announcements:

  • Meet Sophie, whose undercover work for Red Team keeps Walmart’s security operations strong.

    “I’ve worked for Walmart twice now. First as a teenager, pushing carts and working registers, and now making the company’s security stronger as an analyst for our Red Team. Each time, I’ve had that same feeling of belonging and camaraderie.” - Sophie, Red Team Analyst in Bentonville, AR.

  • Every career is a journey that can end up in an unexpected place. Ana Keef's journey started in circuit boards, and led to the internet of things (IoT), machine learning, object detection and other emerging technologies in retail.

    My Journey From EE to IoT at Walmart's DFW Tech Hub

    Like most people, I had interacted with Walmart as a customer in stores and online but had never really thought about the systems and technology functioning behind the scenes to make the whole thing...

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