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12 Hot Jobs That Pay £50,000 or More

The best things in life are free… but it certainly doesn’t hurt to be paid well, too! When you’re making a significant contribution to an organisation, you want your salary to reflect that. If you’re looking for high-impact and high-paying jobs, look no further — we’ve rounded up 12 great choices below. Apply today!

Audit Manager

Average Base Pay: £54,810/yr

What They Do: Audit Managers are responsible for overseeing financial and operational audits, ensuring their accuracy and providing reports and recommendations to their superiors.

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Product Manager

Average Base Pay: £50,000/yr

What They Do: Product Managers are responsible for laying out the strategy and vision for a given product and collaborating with teams like engineering, marketing and sales to ensure success.

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Solutions Architect

Average Base Pay: £63,945/yr

What They Do: Solutions Architects use their knowledge of technology to help solve business problems. Given a certain challenge, they will design and implement technical solutions that help overcome it.

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Management Consultant

Average Base Pay: £51,127/yr

What They Do: Management Consultants work closely with businesses in order to identify inefficiencies and problems, and come up with creative solutions to them. Often focused on reducing costs and driving revenue, they analyze metrics, collaborate with cross-functional teams and make strategic recommendations.

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Enterprise Account Executive

Average Base Pay: £60,000/yr

What They Do: Enterprise Account Executives are in the sales field, responsible for ensuring that their clients — large organisations — are satisfied with their product/service and ideally, increasing the amount of money they spend on it.

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Creative Director

Average Base Pay: £72,222/yr

What They Do: Creative Directors oversee the visual brand of an organisation — this might include providing strategic guidance on things like logos, colour palette and text, but also visual assets like videos and images.

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Program Manager

Average Base Pay: £64,959/yr

What They Do: As their name suggests, Program Managers oversee the various projects that fall under a given programme, with the goal of optimizing performance. Tasks might include analysing metrics, strategic planning, collaborating with other team members, delegating tasks and compiling reports for executives.

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Financial Controller

Average Base Pay: £50,750/yr

What They Do: Financial Controllers are senior-level professionals who are responsible for an organisation’s financial reports. This includes everything from accounts payable to payroll to sales and more. It’s up to them to make sure that the information is accurate and up-to-date.

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Regional Sales Manager

Average Base Pay: £50,000/yr

What They Do: Regional Sales Managers manage a team of salespeople within a certain geographic area. Frequent tasks might include visiting and managing relationships with clients, training and coaching team members, creating plans and more.

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Solutions Consultant

Average Base Pay: £55,000/yr

What They Do: Solutions Consultants work with organisations in order to improve efficiency and drive revenue by understanding their business needs and challenges and recommending technical and architectural solutions that can help.

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Strategy Manager

Average Base Pay: £65,149/yr

What They Do: Strategy Managers outline goals and plans for an organisation, provide recommendations to ensure that they can meet them and measure their actions accordingly.

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Scrum Master

Average Base Pay: £50,000/yr

What They Do: Scrum Masters help technical teams, often software engineers, operate at peak performance. This might mean setting up meetings, structuring teams, liaising with other project stakeholders and developing a sprint schedule.

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