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7 Impressive Non Tech Companies – Hiring Now

Tech companies do not have the monopoly over cool. A number of other, traditionally non-tech companies, also offer fantastic benefits and working environments for their employees.

With incentives and perks rivalling even the best that Silicon Valley has to offer, these companies prove that being in insurance could be just as cool as working at a tech start-up in Shoreditch.


Culture & Values Rating: 4

What they do: Adidas provides sportswear, shoes and equipment ranging from amateur to pro athlete. With its signature three stripe logo, Adidas has a retail presence in 170 countries and is one of the world’s top sporting goods manufacturers.

Why they’re cool: Aiming to shape the future of sport, is a pretty cool mission statement as far as we are concerned, and Adidas works hard to embrace the future in everything it does. Having adopted a flexi-time approach as well as offering their employees the option of working from home meaning they can avoid the dreaded commute. Perhaps, most impressively, Adidas has introduced ‘myTime’ which allows employees to save part of their salary or approved overtime and convert it into paid vacation, sabbaticals, early retirement, family care or further education.

What employees say:Incredible company. Proud and dignified in every way. Very strong and successful in the retail world and this makes you motivated and satisfied to be part of the family.” – Adidas Current Employee, Birmingham.

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Baringa Partners

Culture & Values Rating 4.7

What they do: Baringa Partners is an award-winning management consultancy specialising in: energy; financial services; telecoms and media, in the UK and continental Europe. It partners with organisations when they are developing and delivering key elements of their business strategy, as well as working extensively with government and regulators providing policy and advisory services.

Why they’re cool: Baringa is recognised both in the UK and internationally for its unique culture for which it has been awarded a number of accolades and continues to reaffirm its status as a leading people-centred organisation. Its business is built on the abilities of its people, its reputation among leading organisations and its partnership approach to working with clients.

What employees say:Has a straight-forward business model that works – focused on people and clients. Open to ideas, getting more progressive as we grow. Strong core values.” – Baringa Partners Management Consultant, London.

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Fletchers Solicitors

Culture & Values Rating: 4.4

What they do: Specialists in personal injury as well as medical negligence, they help support clients in dealing with a range of medical challenges.

Why they’re cool: Creating a real community they offer a number of phenomenal opportunities for bonding with colleagues including a social committee, a company sports team as well as free Christmas and Summer socials. Out of work they also offer some rather helpful perks including Costco membership (worth it for the free samples alone,) Free NVQs, childcare vouchers and discount gym membership to name just a few.

What employees say: “Big open plan office, very sociable. Everyone is friendly and a lot of opportunities to progress for a right person. You can get promoted within few months if they see you are right fit. Good bonus scheme, can add quite something to your monthly salary.” Fletchers Solicitors Employee, Southport.

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Culture & Values Rating: 4.3

What they do: A lifestyle brand that offers premium luxury clothing for men and women.

Why they’re cool: Founded by an immigrant with a fantastic dream, this fashionwear company has a rich heritage that stretches all the way back to 1947. With an ethos of quality and integrity, they have remained true to their values despite economic turbulence and have been providing stunning clothing for over five decades. They are also kind to their employees with a range of perks including half price on items, half price on sale items and fantastic insurance benefits.

What employees say:  “Good staff, very helpful people and a very good place to work.” – Gant Sales Consultant.

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Culture & Values Rating: 4.2

What they do: With cars made right here in Britain, Ford has an assembly plant in Southampton, and builds its engines and transmissions at plants in Dagenham and Bridgend. Part of the European arm of Ford it supplies cars to the UK market as well as mainland Europe.

Why they’re cool: With 26 days of holiday a year, annual holiday bonus payments, on-site gyms at most locations and a years’ paid maternity leave for female employees Ford clearly takes employee relations seriously. However, most impressively as a staff member you also have access to the Privilege Car scheme which means you and your family can purchase up to three cars at a highly discounted rate every nine months.

What employees say:  “Job for life, good pay, easy work, fun, proactive environment. Big with the ability to travel around the world with your role.” Ford Former Employee – London.

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Intercontinental Hotels Group

Culture & Values Rating: 4.2

What they do: Delivering over 5,000 hotels in nearly 100 countries Intercontinental Hotels Group owns some of the biggest names in travel and tourism including the Holiday Inn and the slightly more luxurious Crowne Plaza.

Why they’re cool: Unsurprisingly working at Intercontinental Hotels Group is pretty cool if you enjoy travelling as they provide some fantastic perks when staying at their hotels. This includes employee discounted room rate which also extends to friends and family. They also offer flexible working at corporate offices and hotels as well as discounts or subsidies for local facilities.

What employees say:  “As this is a multinational organisation there are so many opportunities. Great benefits. Would love to work here again. They continue to grow because they look after their people.” IHG employee, Dudley.

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Immediate Media Company

Culture & Values Rating: 4.4

What they do: An innovative company with offices in London, Bristol, Camberley and Manchester the Immediate Media Company create powerful content for a range of brands. Having won Media Company of the Year in 2015 (an extremely prestigious award) and with over 74 million magazines sold annually the Immediate Media Company is a pretty impressive company.

Why they’re cool: A particular exciting company for graduates, the Immediate Media Company offers some phenomenal opportunities to get into publishing, with a range of titles you can truly explore a number of different industries to find the right one for you. They also invest in training and so offer all their an Integral Leadership Programme, which consists of a ten day course run over six months by an industry leading coach as well as a dedicated partner who helps staff improve their sales.

What employees say:  “Immediate Media are very friendly and they always celebrate success by great parties and gatherings and are always giving awards to people that work hard. I love working here and see myself here for the foreseeable future. Everyone is always positive and it makes it a great environment to work in.” Immediate Media Company Current Employee in Bristol, England.

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Methodology: Companies featured represent a selection, in no particular order, of companies on Glassdoor with a Culture and Values rating of 4.0 or above. Company ratings on Glassdoor based on a 5.0 scale: 1.0=very dissatisfied, 3.0=OK, 5.0=very satisfied.