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Present Microsoft message queue products and choose the most appropriate

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The interview, in my experience wasn’t that bad at all. I’ve also dealt with clients that ask similar questions and I felt they were actually pretty much right. The whole point was they were looking for someone who would be able to cut off a line of discussion and focus on the point at hand. You are never going to know everything they ask, and that’s okay, you have to admit that. Say you’ll get back to them after the meeting, but for now we should focus on X,Y and Z. I found the complete opposite to yourself and enjoyed the whole experience, I feel your attitude is quite negative, this should have been seen as an opportunity to show them who you are, not necessarily what you know, and it sounds like you were unable to do that, but Microsoft are known to hire the right people, not the right technical skill set

The whole presentation process could be fixed by simply not giving candidates a specific logistics note telling them to prepare for something different. As I alluded to in my original experience, that's ambiguous and could be seen as discriminatory for people with certain mental disposition where being asked to prepare a 20 minute talk should be honored. Taking apart someones work right after they've walked in the door doesn't give a good impression of the company and didn't make me want to work there.

I had similar experience.

26 developer-level questions on triggers, functions, stored procedures, and realistically a 90 minute test when using pen and paper,

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How comfortable you feel programming in C++?

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Tell me about yourself. Facts finding interview style. Very friendly

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Some of the test questions were difficult as they required to write it on paper.

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Most of the questions were technical questions with diagrams, programming, and problem solving.

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Describe approach in dealing with a customer reporting that application X is not responding.

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review code on a swing trading application

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The agenda of the day (9am-2pm) consisted of: Ice breaker (presentation from a member of JM), Group activities (build a tunnel with plastic pieces in group following written instructions, characters game to talk about ourselves), Coffee break, psychometric tests (easy verbal and maths + spatial awareness), written technical assessment (easy and general), lunch and visit to the site.

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Take us through the components of a lithium ion battery.

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