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Why do underground stations have three times more exits than entrances? 4 people want to cross a river. You have one barge that can hold no more than two passengers at a time. The first passenger rows at such speed that it takes him 1 min to cross the river. It takes the second 2 min, the third 5 min and the fourth 10 min. When there are two people in the barge, the slowest rower determines the speed at which they cross the river. What is the shortest amount of time in which you can get all 4 people to cross the river?

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The key here is to think of entrances as escalators going down and exits as escalators going up. People enter stations few at a time and a crowd builds up progressively on the platform until a train arrives. However, when people exit the train, they all want to get out of the station at the same time, so you need more escalators to let them all out without too much delay. 17 min

The above answer is wrong... The barge needs to return across the river, so it must make 3 journeys each way the return legs would each take one minute with the fastest rower, and as the outward leg is determined by the slowest rower each time (2, 5, and 10 minutes), the fastest time would be 3 + 2 + 5 + 10 = 20 minutes.

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Leadership competency based interview with technical questions.

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What is a join? What goes into a Test plan?

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how would you explain report you prepared to a non technical person? Talk me through your CV? Competency based questions around working under pressure,deadline etc? Explain the activities you would undertake throughout a given process (in your role).

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Describe your previous work experience and how it makes you suited for this internship

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How will you measure the water flowing under London Bridge in single day

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went through CV

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Give me an example of something complicated that you worked on recently? How would you explain that to a non-analytical member of the senior mgmt team?

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competency and technical

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What would I do if I was the CEO ?

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