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basic stuff

3 Answers

Hello, thank you for your post. I'm gonna pass the interview soon as well. Could you please describe the questions you had during the interview in the office ? Did you had an answer or not yet ?

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it was really simple. Motivation basic questions and they were super chill. Very nice people as well. No technical questions. Did you get an offer?

What's the most important day in the financial market?

2 Answers

What legislation are you aware of that may affect the people we support?

1 Answer

WHy do you think you can be good for the job

1 Answer

Can I sing Do I read when asked about my book choice and then was made to feel inadequate of my choices Asked if I smoke and if I do Asked about how many times do I go to the gym and what kind of workouts

1 Answer

Why FX sales

1 Answer

They asked about your sales experience and finance interest

1 Answer

How do you handle Pressure?

1 Answer

one questions would be, out of everyone who applied why should i be chosen and given the opportunity?

1 Answer

What is the fx market?

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