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C# Applications Developer was asked...27 November 2018

The assessment questions are privileged, but during the in-person interview, I was asked which of the many roles I preferred in my last job with a small company. I never gave it much thought because all of the work needed to be done, so why single out one kind of activity as my favorite? But they seemed to really care about that.

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Ultimately choose what kind of work out of many possibilities I could imagine myself doing for years and not miss any of the other stuff. Less


What is your current project and what is your role ?

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Briefly described my current project and explained my role, what I am doing there, and what technologies I am using. Less


Next few questions was about C++ OOPs concepts with deeper insights. Like polymorphism, inheritance, virtual function,

1 Answers

I was good at these as these were the things that I was working upon in my ongoing project. Less

Peakey Enterprise

How would you design an mobile app for a pet shop? (The interviewer explained the details and ask me to draw it on a paper)

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I draw a mock up for the app on a paper.


Ask if you have experience in C#, MVC, Database experience.

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over 10 years


coding question: 1. write js slideshow program which loop each images display in the screen( when you loading page, automaticlly make slideshow animation) 2 in place reverse string without java api interviewer never ask you explain idea, each question coding just 10mins

Bloomberg L.P.

Given a web log find the top 10 most visited sequences of 3 URLs.

Zoom Video Communications

What was the most interesting technical challenge you've worked on?


What happens when you send a kill sygnal to initd process?

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