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Why you want to work for the nhs

3 Answers

Because i want t work for a company where i can advance in my training with future also being stable.

Because I need a job with stability

a large reason as to why is from personal experience with using NHS care. I've had x y z wit NHS care. Experiencing it as a patient has allowed me to view the dedication, passion and commitment staff have to enabling users to live their best, healthiest lives. I would love to be a part of delivering this service as I am passionate about patient care. I feel that I have skills and experiences that match those of NHS's ethos. I am a empathetic, patient and caring individual. I truly want to help individuals to be the best they can be and to be independent and functioning in society. My education has fostered me to be a capable and professional individual, with a strong knowledge base that can be applied in the current role's practical setting.

A scenario where the community nurse is unable to visit a patient, but they have high needs, what would I do etc.

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Name a time where you would be collaborative.

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How would you handle not getting along with someone you worked with?

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What kind of ward setting have you worked before?

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Name an instance you called the attention of a colleague

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A couple of safeguarding scenarios regarding financial abuse

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When you accompany a client to an appointment, what arrangements do you need to make prior?

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