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What makes you better than the other candidates?

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That's basically what she meant, but she worded it differently. "Why should we hire you over the rest?". I mean a stupid, corporate question. Very old-fashioned. I tend to self-deprecate and promptly did that under her steely, corporate gaze. I realise that's likely where I went wrong as I wasn't ticking her corporate boxes, but by that point I'd already made up my mind I didn't want to work there. But if she'd bothered to look at my eportfolio then she'd have seen the quality of work I do. Clearly that was too much effort for her. So why should I be bothered responding to her anachronistic questions properly? Again, a very disappointing experience, Ocado.

made me complete a written test, was just an essay on a chosen topic

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"Tell us about an experience where you made a mistake and corrected it"

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What do you know about us?

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A more difficult one was: What would you say if I suggested your current experience doesn't match the job spec we're offering you?

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What skills have you learnt from your experience?

How have you coped under pressure?

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