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Executive Assistant/Office Manager was asked...8 July 2014

"What do you want to do here?"

1 Answers

"Anything you need me to do!"

Write a letter and send it to me with a list of the salary you are seeking, the benefits you require, and the vacation time you would need.

1 Answers

I wrote the letter however, I never heard back from him.

The Mission Church

Name a difficult work related situation and how you overcame it.

1 Answers

I was asked to create a spreadsheet to track nursing hours/patients that would allow the nursing staff to simply input nursing hour numbers and it would calculate specific ratios to assist with scheduling. This was difficult because of complex formulas need to evaluate specific criteria of nursing hours. I developed this sheet based on my knowledge of Microsoft Excel. This sheet remains in use even today. Less


There were no questions asked.

1 Answers

Because they never contacted me.

Bill of Rights Institute

How do you start your morning?

1 Answers

I am wake up at 7.30 Am Morning and Brushing my teeth.Then Done my Breakfast,and I am go to Job Less

How did you solve a disagreement with another employee?

1 Answers

It was with a new employee who didn't understand how we processed applications and was submitting them incorrectly. I simply explained the correct way to send them to Corporate so they wouldn't get rejected before the client was even a official client yet. Less

What would you define as a strength and a weakness?

1 Answers

Strength: Positive energy. I like to interact with people and make people happy which is important in an organization such as this. Weakness: Stress. I can stress out over minor details, however that is because I care a lot about the organization and what it does, so I want things to be done correctly. Less

Juno Therapeutics

Why Juno

1 Answers

For their passion and new technology to help save people's lives


Is the commute from the East end of Durham to Toronto (office location) manageable?

1 Answers

Yes, GO train is extremely reliable

Practical based question: What would you do if the office bathroom went out and the landlord was not willing to fix it?

1 Answers

I answered honestly and said I had never managed an office, therefor I never experienced an interaction with a landlord. But the most pragmatic option would be to document all interactions with the landlord and then fix the bathroom with our own budget. Later discuss reimbursement with the landlord, (which is normally part of renting terms.) Less

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