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Executive Assistant Interview Questions


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How committed would I willing to be.

3 Answers

For the right role I am 100% committed.


💯 parsent committed

If someone told you something in confidence which you felt the need to escalate, what would you do?

2 Answers

can you swear like a trooper in your midlands accent?

2 Answers

How would you manage several important tasks given to you by more than one manager which needed completing by end of day?

2 Answers

What are your faults. I never know quite what to say about this

2 Answers

Why did I want to work at dxw?

1 Answer

Long-term ambitions across 2-5-10 years

1 Answer

No set direction, the interviewer was all over the place. She was looking for someone she could dominate and spent most of the time bragging about how she pulls rank over the other PA's.

1 Answer

Describe the worst person you worked for in the past?

2 Answers

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How do i handle event management, logistics and people?

1 Answer
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