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"Great news! I'd like to interview you for the PA to CEO role here at Symless. Before the interview, I'll need you to record a quick 60 second video (you can do this from your phone). In the video, tell us about a specific time which shows you really shining as a PA, demonstrating how crucial you are to your current CEO (or someone that you've been assisting). When you're done, upload it to YouTube. Set the sharing settings to unlisted so only I can watch it."

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I uploaded my video same day and received an acknowledgement and that I would hear back in 7 days. I emailed to ask when my interview would be as I wanted to go on a trip and didn't want to miss out. No response received. Very impersonal and arrogant approach.

Agreed very arrogant approach

I had the same situation. Very unprofessional company

can you swear like a trooper in your midlands accent?

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How would you manage your time

1 Answer

How do you tell a CEO no.

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How are you doing on this fine day?

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Why do you want to apply for our company?

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What are you driven by?

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How would define going above and beyond for a patient. Give an example

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Why I was interested in Recruitment?

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Why do you want to work at this firm?

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