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what to do if you have workload that should be done before the day's end and you have a prior engagement that evening

3 Answers

go for that engagement, finish the work over the weekend


well, two plan to manage the situation: first, I'll try to reschedule my engagement to extend and finish the workload if I couldn't reschedule it so the second option would be setting time table schedule with a target to finish all the workload before the day ends

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

1 Answer

Past experience and how this would fit into the current position.

1 Answer

Previous experiences of different situations, eg. Upset/angry customers

1 Answer

What do you know about the industry

1 Answer

Talk us through your CV briefly.

1 Answer

What skills can you bring to the organisation. Are you hands on?

1 Answer

All fairly standard, don't recall any questions that threw me. Preparing a presentation takes a lot of time to prepare

1 Answer

Significant effect on a previous company

1 Answer

How would you operate from day one; Most challenging situation you've been in; What are your weakness, how are you going to address;

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