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Bajaj Finance
Learning and Development Manager was asked...19 September 2019

Why do you want to join Bajaj even though you are in a very good profile right now?

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Radiate e - Services

Past experience and how it can help the organization

2 Answers

stated examples on how things can be organized within the organization

I have 6 month experience in BPO sector.. good experience in customer care executive.like deal with customers queries n satisfied them.. Less


What is your management style?

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Westpac Group

What is a project I am really proud of. I didn't alternate my answers and repeated the same example.

1 Answers

I should have been more prepared for the interview. Was having a bad day at the time and didn't perform as well as I could Less

Blue Apron

It's been a few months, I do not recall specific questions, but I can say the were either not challenging, or totally unrelated to the position. For example, I was asked to privately meet with a product, who proceeded to quiz me on product design, theory and practices.

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For the questions that were completely unrelated to the position or my background, I really had no choice but to answer questions with questions. Think of it this way- you wouldn't expect a lawyer to successfully interview for a brain surgeons position. Make sense? With that being said, they still continued with my candidacy. If this was just a tactic they employ, I completely disagree with it. It discourages candidates and makes it seem like Blue Apron doesn't know what they are doing. Less

Darlington Building Society

How would you make risk and governance training engaging and interactive?

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I would use role-play scenarios and games to demonstrate potential desirable and undesirable outcomes, thus establishing the need for underpinning governance in the schema of the learner. Less

Marriott International

Tell us about a time you had an issue and how did you resolve it.

1 Answers

Used STAR to answer and used a specific example.


What was my experience in strategic planning for learning and development?

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I shared my specific experience but also my perspective on the strategic planning process in general. Less

Four Seasons

Situational and standard form questions.

1 Answers

With real life examples of the situations presented.


My work experience and implementation background.

1 Answers

Nothing difficult was asked.

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