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What is the wildest thing you have done

5 Answers

Cocaine off a hookers breasts

Continually corrected a coworkers use of the apostrophe.

One of the questions I can't share the answer to, but if you seen the move "hangover" ... well I didn't find it funny.

Which collection class used in your framework

1 Answer

A lady wants a top in the shop window but they don't have it in stock, what would I do

1 Answer

What's the difference between the standard waterfall model of software development vs Agile?

have you worked in a job that requires working with many different computer systems and where? and how many systems?

name a time that you had to be fair or ethical and what did you do ?

past experience that involve understanding customers and suggesting products and services base on thier needs

have you worked in jobs that involved cash handling duties and how much daily ?

what does customer service means to you?

Since I was coming with background in consulting the interviews were quite informal which even surprised me a bit. Questions were focused on the work that I had been involved with over the past few years and my skill set. The phone interview on BCP was purely subject related and was on questions around BCP methodologies and processes.

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