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Numerous questions regarding customer service and how you have had experience in this area and give examples on how you have delivered exceptional customer service. How you handle situations with customers. How to handle difficult customer situations. How you overcame the situation. How you work with a team. What do you know about the company. Why do you want this position? What could you offer?

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Used my customer service background for examples on how I could bring my background to the position.

Why pharmacy

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how i thought it was like there

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tell me about you, tell me something you are proud of, why do you want to work here etc

How many years experience did I have as a Pharmacy Assistant

Tell me about a time you received bad customer service?

1). Why do you want to work in the NHS? 2). What qualities do you have that would be a good fit for the NHS? 3). What do you know about the NHS? and this role specific? 4). Do you have any knowledge of NHS systems or processes? 5). Describe a situation when you had to make a tough or difficult decision?

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