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Physicians evaluate patients and create treatment plans, often treating the same patients on a recurring basis. In a physician interview, interviewers may be interested in how you build relationships, work in a team and make important decisions. Be prepared to discuss your soft skills in addition to your clinical skills.

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Top Physician Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top physician interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: How do you collaborate with other physicians and nurses?

How to answer: Medical facilities are a team environment. Although the interviewer may appreciate your knowledge and credentials, they might also want to know that you will be a good fit for the workplace culture. Highlight how you treat colleagues with respect, take their opinions into account and communicate effectively.

Question No. 2: Describe how you communicate with your patients.

How to answer: It is important to build rapport with clients. As a physician, you may have to communicate complicated or difficult information to patients and their families. Highlight how you explain complex concepts clearly and manage emotions during these conversations. You might also use this question to prove that you build lasting relationships with patients. Remember to protect patients' information when sharing anecdotes.

Question No. 3: How do you avoid medical malpractice?

How to answer: This question is an opportunity to show interviewers that you are diligent, thorough and knowledgeable. Discuss any formal policies established in previous workplaces and how you establish trust and transparency with patients. Highlight your commitment to lowering risk and working ethically.

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US Department of Veterans Affairs
Physician was asked...14 July 2017

how do you handle conflict with a superior?

5 Answers

Discuss the issue with superior to make certain there is no misunderstandings or miscommunication. Effective communication is important Less

If I have an issue. Normally if I felt that I could not handle it on my own in a professional way .I would get a peer/coworker to be the mediator where we would both discuss our points of views then come to some type of resolution we could agree upon. Less

Report to human resource

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The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Tell me about your experiences in this field?

4 Answers

I have completed my graduation in Life Sciences and Biochemistry and a post graduate diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology. I participate in social work in handling patients though I never was employed by any institution. I have successfully completed my internship in Somaiya Hospital, Mumbai. For 3 years I was employed in a Pharmacy store which imparted me good knowledge about medicines which is extremely helpful. The most critical thing in patient care is patience and winning the patients confidence that he/she is in the right hands. Less

I never felt like getting employed as I didn't want my passion for human care exploited to make money. Less

Patient care is about winning the patient's confidence however its sad to see medical practitioners involving in unethical practices to meet their institutions goals and get rewarded for it. I worked briefly as a Pharma Representative and after being a part of it for sometime I realized that medical ethics was not just a test I had passed. For a common cold and fever I was advised to sell medicines by a very simple logic, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics and that will cause weakness and hyperacidity so he will also prescribe multivitamins and a proton pump inhibitor. As the patient might experience a burning sensation due to hyperacidity he/she will also be given an oral liquid to neutralize the acid. I didn't vouch for that and left, I was trained to serve mankind not exploit it for a few bucks, so I joined a BPO and did free lancing for charity. I would like to take up this position or any suitable position however I will not break any ethics. Less

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MD24 House Call

Q: How did you hear about us? Q: How much experience do you have?

3 Answers


I heard about you online and I have 11 years of experience

I hered about your company by website Iam porficinal i have 15 experience at fixed watches all brands Less

Primary PartnerCare

When can you start?

3 Answers

It's so funny to see how everyone has had almost the same experience...yep. you probably will be asked to start that second since no one works there Less

Exactly if you last 3 months. Absolutely the worst job experience of my working career. Less

Any time i am ready

Baylor Scott & White Health

Do you smoke tobacco or use tobacco products?

3 Answers

They do not hire you if you are a smoker.



St. Francis Sleep, Allergy, and Lung Institute

Q: What is one reason you would not want to work for the company?

2 Answers

As previously mentioned, I disclosed that I had reservations because of the poor reviews on a well-trusted medical review web site. Less

Yes, when I applied there I had to fill out a written application like in the old days and the CEO grilled me over my answers. She overshares at every opportunity and personal boundaries are meaningless to her. I knew all the details of her marriage, her weight loss struggles, and her lousy luck with employees within the first month of working there. Less

Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center

Why are you interested in this job?

2 Answers

Because I am a new grad and really want to work in internal medicine. I also mentioned why I really wanted to be inpatient versus outpatient medicine Less

Good salry

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Describe a situation where yo had to make a difficult decision? How did you make the decision? How was the outcome?

2 Answers

Did they send you a rejection email? I'm still waiting.

My talent coordinator contacted me for another position under the same title


All where stupid simple questions

2 Answers

It was ok but she expected some other answers

if u are werking while u re on drugs, the thing u should be done could be wrong & singapore its is illegal for comsumption & posession of drug. Less


Do you think you can handle the acuity of this facility, compared with where you are presently employed?

2 Answers

I am 100% positive that I can handle the curry of tho facility

It seems like a reasonable challenge, but I think the team support in the ER and the hospital consultant back-up will make it acceptable. Less

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