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How can you handle multiple workload with different managers?

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I said I will prioritise with the most important and ask the other manager for a possible extension or let them them know if the work can be pass on to another person. I guess they just want to know about your prioritising skills and if you know when to ask for help

What was it like to work at (former employer)? How did you learn from that experience? What are your career goals and how does this job fit in?

1 Answer

How can your previous experience help with this role?

What do you know about the company? (Really important to brush up on this beforehand!)

Describe what you know about the peer-review process

Explain to me the life of a paper/manuscript withing a journal.

What do you think is the role of a publishing assistant? How can you contribute?

Career Objectives, strengths and weaknesses, why this job position.

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